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The "type" of flag here is "close". That includes Too Broad, Duplicate, Off-topic, Unclear... all flags that suggest the question should be closed. There are other types of flags, and those aren't disabled - but if you'd selected one of those instead, then all other flags of that type would've appeared disabled when you reopened the dialog.


Apparently it wanted a blank line after the ### Sources header near the bottom, and misreported the error to me. I was able to successfully post it by following DavidRobinson's suggestion in the comments: That's quite puzzling. Have you considered removing small parts of it (the links, for instance) to see if it would solve the problem? (You should be ...


The comment poster was commenting on an answer to their own question. These are always allowed (that is a question poster can always comment on their question and on the answers to their question).


This is not a bug, based on an old answer this seems to be by-design. Not sure if it is still valid but the algorithm to find Related Posts is expensive. Sometimes for newer questions you may not see them immediately. For the posts mentioned above I can now see related posts.


The post was deleted because it was negatively scored and the user who posted it was deleted at their own request. See also: What happens to a question when a user is deleted?


This is by design. Your 'Improve' edit adds a new revision to the post, automatically making it impossible for the suggested edit to be applied. Note that it is the Community User that rejects the suggested edit. The same would happen if you went directly to the post, and in the revision history of that post clicked the 'edit' link on the most recent ...


Frédéric Hamidi kindly pointed out that this issue is addressed within Should I be able to cancel my up-vote on a comment?. Quoting from the main answer (emphasis mine): You can un-upvote a comment within the first 60 seconds, provided you did not navigate away.... The only use case is undoing a mis-click. Empirical evidences suggests that refreshing ...

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