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From the tour page: With your help, we're working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about programming. Scenario: You have a problem in your code that you cannot bend your head around and decide to search the Internet for an answer. After crafting what you believe is a well-designed search string, you end up with the ...


µ$iÑg "teh twitters" à$ w┌ï┼tεn ì$ $împ└ÿ á ╒ün p└ä¥ σ∩ thè sen┬éncé. ╒úrthεr, ßy ü$ïng thí$ P└a¥ƒu└ ┼ôÑé í┼ @vòíd$ tHë Pò$sib└e ┼ången┼ïä└ çòn√ër$@┬ïò∩ δ╒ réâ$ó∩$ fo┌ dì$└íkïÑg ┼wî┼┼ε┌. φf wHìçh ì wì└└ a└s° avóïD.


Quoting from Wikipedia: Teh is an Internet slang neologism most frequently used as an English article, based on a common typographical error of "the". Teh has subsequently developed grammatical usages distinct from the.[1] It is not common in spoken or written English outside technical or leetspeak circles, but when spoken, it is pronounced /tɛ/ or /tə/. ...


Custom tags are indeed not saved against your account; editing the custom tags changes the url - and you are more than welcome to bookmark that etc; but basically this is just a bespoke filter (just like navigating to a different composite set of tags) - as opposed to "all tags", "recommended", "favorite", etc.


As it says in: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year? ... the Community user will delete questions in the following circumstances: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked Which matched the question exactly. So, the monthly "dead ...


This is a "feature", see Stop rewriting trailing exclamation marks as question marks Multiple . collapsed into one Combined with other title processing rules this drops the ellipsis from the end of a title altogether. I've edited the title and inverted the sentence to avoid this: ... and replicate As long as the ellipsis is not the last 'word' in ...

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