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Wait, what are you trying to do? You can't delete your one and only login credential. We can remove your profile, but you have to follow the steps here: We are working on a more robust self-service delete system, but in the meantime... this is all by design. Even if you don't agree, that doesn't make it a bug.


The User was removed event is purely informative, the rep change doesn't actually apply to the day it is recorded. Instead, the removed votes affect the days on which they were cast. Those days are recalculated, re-applying the rep cap as needed. In other words, you did not actually lose 20 points today. The votes were removed as if never cast, possibly ...


Remember, the reason this was finally blocked was an epidemic of very lazy people posting these comments - to the point where folks weren't even bothering to read other comments on the question first, much less read the actual question itself. I'm not gonna play some cat and mouse game with folks who really, truly, absolutely must ask - heck, I built the ...


You should be able to outright nuke these sorts of comments with a comment flag. I believe it's the "obsolete" flag, but the "not constructive" flag may work as well. Just tried it with the "not constructive flag, and yes, it is removed. Truth be told, I've noticed these popping up and I've just flagged them instead. It's simple enough to do, and while ...


That's how markdown works. By adding the bold text, the list numbering resets. If you want to keep the numbering going on, you need to make the bold text part of the list, by indenting it: 1. Item **bold text** 2. Another Item Produces: Item bold text Another Item


Servy and others have explained this rather well. Voting to close questions is independent of answering them. To quote gunr2171, "If the question should be closed, regardless of the answers (even your own), it should be closed." This was discussed in the past - quoting Mad Scientist: I don't see this as a conflict of interest, if you answered the ...


This markdown is intended to be a convenience for individual sites. For tags on meta, you can also use [meta-tag:blah] to create a short link to a tag on meta. For all other users (including profile), you're best off using normal hyperlinks. You can also edit your profile on each site to change up which tags you want to show off, if any.


As Anna Murali mentioned, this is by design to enforce word wrap on long (~ >= 80 char) code snippets. Please see http://meta.stackexchange.com/a/171065/262550 for more information on why this decision was made. It can be inconvenient in the rare case (such as your regex example), but it does much more good than harm.


I don't think anything is broken here. The definition of "unanswered" used by the tabs is "no upvoted answers" (not "no answers posted at all").


If you’re still within the 5-minute grace period for correcting an edit, you can try this workaround: Re-edit the post: Make a minor change to the post. For example, I insert a comment (<!-- -->) sometimes. Correct your edit summary. Save your edit. Then, edit the post again: Remove the minor change you made in step 1. Save your edit. ...


Is this behavior designed? Yes, that's exactly how it's supposed to work. The edit summary is not saved if there's no edit to save. So, status-bydesign.


First revision of the question is indeed code only. But it is badly formatted. Meaning that the code-only filter was fooled to think it wasn't code-only and let it pass. Case of the really bad question being so bad it fooled the naive filter. Marking with status-bydesign given that the filter works as intended...


It is likely that you saw it less than 5 minutes after the post was submitted. Then, they added more. If their addition was within 5 minutes of answering, the edit does not show up in the edit history. This is called a "grace period."


There is a 5 minute grace period where edits are not recorded in the post revisions. If within 5 minutes of posting an answer the OP edits it, those edits get rolled into the original revision. Unfortunately some people abuse the grace period to get the first answer in.


They're not MSO chatrooms anymore - they're MSE chatrooms, linked to from http://meta.stackexchange.com/ and located at http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/ The old http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/ URL just redirects. See: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2014/04/announcing-the-launch-of-meta-stack-exchange/


Closing with the dupe hammer is always instant. However, there is a grace period in which the server will still accept an answers 'in mid flight' to still be posted. That grace period is four hours. This applies not just to dupe-hammered posts, but to all closures. The web UI will disable the 'Post Your Answer' button when the browser is signalled that a ...

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