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Use the suggested method mentioned in @Oded's answer if you want to format as code in the last item of the list. If you want to format as code outside the list, insert a comment between the last item of the list and the code. Like: List item 1 List item 2 code Markdown for this example: - List item 1 - List item 2 <!-- Comment inserted to ...


For code in lists to be interpreted as code, it needs to be indented 4 spaces further to the list indentation. Here's an example Second item code->this.does(work.just_fine) This is also noted in the editing help for advanced lists (pretty much the very last line of that).


If we look at the tags and their info we can see a pattern if the into starts with [tag] is rest of the tag info Then the tag info on the tag page drops that out and you get rest of the tag info. If the tag does not start with [tag] is then you start from the begingin of the info. Take javascript. The info is JavaScript (not to be confused with ...


It seems that the author of the answer deleted it, edited, and undeleted the answer, managing to do all of this within 5 minutes of initial post. Such an edit does not generate a new revision, and therefore does not unlock the votes cast prior to the edit. See Quick edit not recorded as such blocking vote change.


As per the text directly under the checkbox in your screenshot: You are currently waiting to be part of the new navigation test group. So, it shouldn't be showing for you yet, as you're not part of the test group yet.


Because it's actually the FAQ and Featured sidebar. A holdover from the days when Meta didn't have a bulletin. It remains a good reminder to un-feature things once they've gotten a bit of exposure...


It's by design. The voting arrows are only sticky when you can vote, and as you can't vote on your own questions they aren't sticky. A/B testing the sticky vote controls - give your feedback, please

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