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That'll be because the comments are loaded in the DOM with javascript; and when you return to the page using your back button, your browser will load its cached version which hasn't got the DOM manipulations.


This was the box you saw: It exists to inform you of a few extra fields on your profile: If you had clicked the "get started" button, you'd have seen something like this: Followed by this: Aaand then this: These correspond to fields that are always available in your profile editor (where you code, job situation) and your site preferences ...


Questions with pending suggested edits can't be re-tagged, that's by design.


You actually hadn't awarded the bounty - all you had done was marked an answer as accepted. Fortunately when you mark an answer as accepted, we assume that you wanted to award the bounty to that answer too and automatically select that answer for the full bounty amount when the bounty expires. It was auto-selected for you, but based on a selection you had ...


You are using the hot sort, not new or active. The hotness score is accurate since it decays with time: newer questions are hotter, then it is ordered by score/views/answers and starts to decay. You may use the active sort or newest.

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