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This is intentional, but is not related to "hats". We now support applying changes to individual sites or to the entire network, via the "Save changes just for this community" vs "Save and copy changes to all Stack Exchange communities". It was decided that with this feature, it is clearer if all changes (including profile images) go via this same screen. ...


No, it's not a bug. You have full editing privileges - therefore, your edits always take priority over edits suggested by less-privileged users. You're the 1%, chowing down on textual caviar while the masses gnaw at moldy crusts of bread. Anyway, the primary reason this behavior exists is to handle cases where multiple people start editing and a suggested ...


Grayed out users like your example appear when the post owner does not have an account. This happens in 3 cases: Migrated question from a site where the user does have an account to where the user does not have one The account was deleted. The post owner requested that the content be disassociated from their account. As such, it is treated similar to a ...


Your FavTags filter is configured to list all questions tagged with "excel" on All Sites. The Japanese question is tagged with "excel", so it appears in your filtered list.


The sponsored tags give clients up to 5 text links, but they don't always use them. The way tag sponsorships currently exist, the box is always the same size, which can lead to the white space you see. This will be addressed at the same time we address tag sponsorships in general.


Not all review queues hide comments in their audits. As far as I know, it's just the First Posts and Late Answers audits that do so. Those review queues are pretty unusual all around. There's been some debate about showing comments on audits: Should audits not scrub comments from the question/answer? Late Answers audits should show comments My gut ...


Very Low Quality basically means unsalvagable junk. Abuse, gibberish, irrelevant nonsense. It's switched off when something is upvoted, because by the will of the community, it's not junk. (It may not be very good, but that's not the same thing - downvote an answer that's not very good). This is a link-only-answer which is a flag/close reason in it's own ...


It is the first month of the year. It is also the first quarter or the year. So, yeah, those three views (Month, Quarter and Year) all show the same. It will change next month ;)


There are two possibly separate bugs in your question: Even if there is a pending edit, if your edits don't have to be reviewed, you can load the standard edit-page, instead of being redirected to the review page. That's probably a sin of omission, it should bring you to the review page as a matter of consistency. If there is a pending edit, and your edit ...


OK, I figured it out. Your question had two downvotes at the time you removed it. One of them was among the three serial downvotes that were invalidated. The +2 from removing your question represents just that other downvote on your question. So it does add up after all.

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