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We tracked down a bug in suggested edits where around 100 were missed. We decided to just add them to the queue using the original creation date of the suggestion. Once these are cleared you shouldn't see suggestions older than a week or so.


Yes, you can refresh the page. Other than that there is no mechanism to "unsplit", nor do we see a reason to add such a mechanism.


You have 6 accepted answers today, making you eligible for 200 + 15 * 6 == 290 reputation points, overall.


For your first and third question, animuson's comment contains those answers: #1 Election candidates with more than 100 downvotes are not showing the minus sign against the number of downvotes #3 Election primary vote count is no lower than -1 For your second question, about the vote count being off, the answer is: The total vote count is generated on ...


Views, in the sense of SE sites, are unique views, which can be roughly translated into people (though it is not a 100% accurate translation). They've said they are okay with this number being higher than it actually might be: we'd rather slightly over-appreciate volunteers then under-appreciate 'em This post on MSE shares a lot about the new stat: ...


Rolling back a revision in general also counts as an edit. The grace period is fairly irrelevant here. The "edited by" feature on the questions list is relatively recent. Back in the day, we used a more general "modified by" approach that didn't go into specifics of the last activity. We still retain that when an action doesn't clearly map to making an edit ...


The answer on Meta Stack Exchange is, that not all Badges are trackable. Most of the ones they don't show as trackable are those that tracking would impact performance. Here is the link to the answer.


The answer's ID has to be part of the path, not just in the fragment. Otherwise, the server wouldn't be able to load the correct page in cases where there are multiple pages of answers.


If you want to just subscribe to tags with an rss reader rather than get emails you can do something like the following: [stack exchange site]/feeds/tag/[your tag name](+[and|or]+[second tag name]) For me, since I wanted to get a feed for the android-layout tag I did http://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/android-layout You can also use the AND and OR ...


Yes, this is by design. The designer wanted to break up the background a bit and make it a bit more interesting.


I wrote some js which does it: var els = document.getElementsByClassName('vote-count-separator'); for (var i=0;i<els.length;i++){ parent = els[i].parentNode; var count = (parent.children[0].innerText.replace('+','')) - (parent.children[2].innerText.replace('-','')); parent.innerHTML = count; } If you put javascript: then paste ...

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