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This is standard behavior for HTML forms: If the user agent supports letting the user submit a form implicitly (for example, on some platforms hitting the "enter" key while a text field is focused implicitly submits the form), then doing so for a form whose default button has a defined activation behaviour must cause the user agent to run synthetic click ...


You cannot dupehammer a question if you added the tag (for which you have the gold badge) yourself. This is intentional, to prevent people from (wrongfully) adding a tag in order to abuse the dupehammer.


This is a temporary experiment to estimate the number of Spanish-language posts being asked on Stack Overflow, in order to determine whether it's worth spending the time to build a proper classifier for these. So right now, it's triggered by a bunch of sketchy words like "em" and "un". We'll turn it off in a month or two and analyze the results to determine ...


Stack Snippets are run inside a sandboxed iframe which only allows modals and scripts, and does not allow access to the top navigation. So anything but _self on a link will not work because it cannot open the link that way. Unless you have a very good reason to allow opening links in other ways via the snippets, it should remain sandboxed this way. I can't ...


bluefeet's been doing a bit of analysis and soul-searching with regard to the Very Low Quality flag lately: When flagging questions as VLQ, we're inadvertently sending too much noise to the moderators to handle. ... Problem 1: Currently, when a question is older than 7 days and it receives a VLQ flag it bypasses Triage and goes directly to the ...


They're intentionally stripped so that the numbers fit in more cases. Not to worry; the top number is always the number of upvotes and the lower one is always the number of downvotes, and a hover-tip explains this for those who might be unfamiliar. See also: Vote split does not include leading sign when count exceeds 99


Looks like this is an issue in Chrome only. Looking at the image uploader once it's been blurred, I don't see any of the snippet's CSS styles applied to any of the elements, which is how it should be... So who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. May be worth it to file a bug report with Chrome directly. In the meantime, I'm picking status-bydesign out of sheer desperation.


Yes. Reputation you offer as bounty is gone forever. You cannot award it to your own answer, and there is no way for you to request it back. You forfeit the reputation when you put up the bounty.


That code that is in this question uses the language hint of the java tag (scroll to the end of the wiki page). In java /* denotes the start of a multi-line comment. The prettifier works. To get the correct syntax highlighting for the XML block override the default by adding an inline language hint by adding <!-- language: lang-xml --> before the code ...


Give it 10 or so minutes. Your Meta reputation is identical to your main site reputation, with latency given due to caching. Given that your main site reputation now lists 215 as well, I would presume that you lost about 15 rep, which didn't make its way over to Meta due to the latency in its cache.


The rep value in either of these is taken from different places. In the top bar - directly from your user record, which should be as up to date as possible. In the communities drop down - from the aggregated network user record, where we collect the values from users across the network. This is not real-time but gets updated on a schedule (and only when ...


Updating the tracking of badges is an expensive operation (database resource wise - updates need to happen for everyone), so it only happens once a day for everyone (we are looking at making it happen more often). However, when showing the list of trackable badges, these are shown using the latest available information, so are up to date. Likewise, when ...

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