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In principle badges are at risk of being removed in case of fraud, but I don't think there should be an automatic expectation that moderators or administrators should put in the time to actually do it. In this case "Scholar" and "Student" are so unimportant and simple to get that it really doesn't seem worth the effort. They are really just there as ...


Oh, look - you noticed! If you're paying enough attention to notice details like that, you can probably also read the question itself and pass the audit.


Your reputation is 746. It sometimes takes a little while for the post deleted entry to show up in your reputation tab. The reputation audit (the text result produced by the /reputation URL) is always accurate. Your reputation tab should right itself within 24 hours.


The profile page tracking tells you when you have become eligible for the badge. The actual awarding happens on a schedule, so the profile page might tell you that you have gotten through all the criteria, even though the badge has not been awarded yet. We are still working on making it happen at the same time.


Found it - I had a look on my profile and this is because I had a apparently added sql to my "Ignored tags" list. With the "Grayed Out" behaviour.


This is by design. It is yesterday for someone somewhere in the world still. Relative dates take this into account. Up to 24 hours ago is today, up to 48 hours ago is yesterday. You can always hover over a relative date to see the absolute timestamp, in ISO 8601 format. Times are always in the UTC timezone.

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