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Yes, this is intentional. Last first man standing wins the badge.


You no longer need to use [or] or or in your tag searches, the new UI lets you toggle between searching for posts with any or all of the tags. Just remove those from the link; https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/html+css works, it'll redirect to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/new?show=all&sort=newest&tags=css%20html&mode=any. Note ...


As far as I'm concerned, that time does not exist. I'd like to introduce you to a 24 hour clock. 0:00 is midnight. For the rest of your question, about why this badge is awarded at midnight instead of through out the day, I imagine it's because the badge is a "daily" badge: Earn 200 daily reputation 150 times. Since reputation can go up and ...


For code in lists to be interpreted as code, it needs to be indented 4 spaces further to the list indentation. Here's an example Second item code->this.does(work.just_fine) This is also noted in the editing help for advanced lists (pretty much the very last line of that).


Use the suggested method mentioned in @Oded's answer if you want to format as code in the last item of the list. If you want to format as code outside the list, insert a comment between the last item of the list and the code. Like: List item 1 List item 2 code Markdown for this example: - List item 1 - List item 2 <!-- Comment inserted to ...


If we look at the tags and their info we can see a pattern if the into starts with [tag] is rest of the tag info Then the tag info on the tag page drops that out and you get rest of the tag info. If the tag does not start with [tag] is then you start from the begingin of the info. Take javascript. The info is JavaScript (not to be confused with ...


The value being shown there is the answer score. The user has asked four questions in the c tag, and their score is around 52 for questions (with any latency in that being attributable to caching). Contrast this with your own profile; you've asked ~17 questions in the c tag for a score of ~150, but you gave ~456 answers in the c tag for a score of ~657.


The question list is cached, but most recent the live-refresh updates are not part of that cached copy yet. They will be in a few minutes (after which more live updates will quickly make the cache out of date again). This behaviour has been unchanged since they introduced the live-refresh feature. I know this because I've been irritated by it a few times ...

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