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At first it doesn't look legit... at least I thought so. But let's look at it closer: You get (or lose) no reputation by voting for yourself. (Moreover, there're no badges for nice/good/great examples, probably just yet). There's no competition for the best example on a same sub-topic, you just improve the existing ones, and post only if the sub-topic is ...


A quick glance at the timeline shows that everything happened in the proper order: It appears though that you posted a comment to that question a few minutes after the previous two comments would've been two hours old - this would've reloaded all of the comments, and re-rendered them with (accurate!) relative times... However, the relative time shown on ...


Think of it less as "I'm editing an example" and more as "I'm editing a topic". At the core of Documentation is one of the biggest technical deviations from Q&A - edits are more like "commits" to a repository where a topic acts as the repo and examples/topic sections are sort of like individual files in a commit. When you go to edit another example, ...


This isn't a bug. When you search on the "search companies" tab, you are searching against the tags a company has defined in their tech stack. When you search via the "search jobs" tab, you are searching against what a job specification has defined as technologies used within that particular role. Since a companies tech stack is quite likely to encompass ...


The system rejects Parameter blocks with HTML (or images) in any of the cells. Since your last row contains <br><br>, it fails that test. On our development instance, I tested the table with those line break tags removed and the edit passed the checks. I think the no-HTML rule makes sense, but the error should be more specific in that case. (...


As demonstrated by my comment above (or the picture of it below) Stack Exchange will automatically convert so-called Trivial answers to comments. These are answers which consist of a single link, or similar. This behavior is intended to encourage the understanding that a link on its own is not an answer. It's perfectly OK to include a link in your answer, ...


The help center for Documentation will be available when the feature is launched to the general public. It was available on the doc-beta test site, but we can't move it to without also making it public to non-beta testers. That switch will be flipped "soon". (And not 6-8 weeks, soon. Sooner.) Hang tight!


As this post explains: We are also raising the thresholds for what a "substantive edit" is. Your edit didn't qualify as a "substantive edit," so you didn't get reputation for it.


Stack Overflow sends a rendered page to your browser. That render includes the current notification state. When you click the menu, JavaScript clears that state. When you navigate back, the browser re-renders the page as it initially received it. It does not re-execute JavaScript events. Refresh the page to re-render with the latest state.


You edited within the original post's 5 minute grace period. Well within it. I suspect that you were editing the original draft, which had that "vandalism" code in it (but it's not vandalism). The OP likely removed it (because it might have been included by accident), and that version is the version that you see as the "original". It's more accurate to ...


Tags aren't aware of each other's existence cross-site. Furthermore: right now we're focusing on Stack Overflow. Once Documentation is "known to work" we'll start thinking about other sites.


It's not a tag (so doesn't support synonyms); it's a defined list of values. Unfortunately we forgot to document what the valid values were on the help page. I've just done that, so thanks for the heads up!

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