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If we understand your question to be: "For users who joined on a given date, what percentage of them are 'high reputation' users?", then this SEDE query shows that. You can easily input whatever value (R) you consider denotes 'high reputation'. Plotting the results for several R values yields: (Click for a larger image) The graph seems to show several ...


If we look at some data, we can say that there is a non-linear decrease in average rep. This is grouped by the week a user joined: By July 2012, we're looking at <100 reputation averages per week. If we adjust this to only account for users with reputation > 200, (meaning they're actually interested in the site and didn't just post one question and ...


When the MSO/MSE split happened most of the special-casing code was removed, but it seems that this slipped through the cracks (strictly, it's due to caching I think, but…) as slugster suggested. The reputation entry has now been removed from that column completely, thanks for pointing that out!


One of the best places I know of to get information like this easily is /users/prediction-data. Click the "Start Download" button, and you'll get a large dump of the data that Stack Overflow uses to decide what questions to show you. For me, it's an 11,664 line JSON file with all kinds of statistical goodies. For example: "MinorMobileDeveloperKinds": { ...

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