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I've created a couple of queries to try and answer this question, but a lot of badges are impossible (or incredibly difficult) to determine using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. For greater simplicity I'll limit the badges I consider to those that are directly tied to a post when viewing the help page for that badge. (As an example, the help page for Nice ...


If you read it like this, which I think you can, there is nothing false or deceptive about it: Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you. Our aim is to help each other.


I agree with Normal Human that the current wording is dishonest. I also agree with Shog9 that there is no definite way of counting that could be labeled the truth. In situations where the exact truth is hard to pinpoint, but you nevertheless need to say something, I think it is important to not give a false sense of precision. Therefore I propose this ...


The word you are looking for is puffery. puffery noun puff·ery \ˈpə-f(ə-)rē\ Definition of PUFFERY : exaggerated commendation especially for promotional purposes Merriam-Webster


You are interpretting the sentence incorrectly. If I say to you "look at all those people on the beach, helping each other learn to swim", it doesn't mean that every person is both a helper and a helpee. It means that there is a crowd of people in which some people are helping others, and by and large they are all benefiting. The same with Stack Overflow. ...


Meh. If you want a number to indicate users on Stack Overflow (and you may not, but an awful lot of people seem to) then you gotta pick a way of measuring that. It won't be perfect at best, and it'll be grossly unsuitable at worst, but folks love numbers so you gotta pick some way of measuring that. Counting the number of user accounts is pretty worthless ...


The number of accounts with at least one post is 2.5 million. That's true, but someone doesn't need to post in order to get help (or sometimes help - maybe by sending the link to someone else?). I know many people that have an account but doesn't participate at all in Stack Overflow. The number of accounts with at least one positively scored post ...

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