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Drop your UserId into this query: http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/949/what-is-my-accepted-answer-percentage-rate


Searching for user:me is:answer will give you the total number of answers you have. Searching for user:me isaccepted:yes will give you the total number of answers you have that have been accepted. Many more search goodies at http://stackoverflow.com/help/searching


As @Cupcake mentioned, there's the Data Explorer. Although judging from your profile, you already know enough SQL to do it on your own, I went ahead and made the query myself since I was curious. Link to query here Code: SELECT TOP 100 p.Id as [Post Link], p.CreationDate as [Create Date], p.ClosedDate as [Close Date] from Posts p where ...


In response to Matthew Johnson's comment on Henk Holterman's answer. I created this query a while back which will show your accepted rate as well as all other users, so you can see how you're doing. http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/173121/users-with-accepted-answer-rate It's slightly different to Henk Holterman's because it doesn't ...


There are the reputation leagues (for every site, not just Stack Overflow). There are some numbers on http://stackexchange.com/sites (visits, traffic and such). But no demographics as such, though you can check out http://quantcast.com - which have some breakdowns.


Queries for these statistics are available on https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow. Time to answer Average questions per 1000 that are unanswered Average number of answers per question


Agreed, that didn't make any sense (the actual displayed numbers were "out of all users who had any reputation change during the given timeframe, how many have a total rep of X?" -- that's not a very meaningful statistic). The Total Reputation now shows the same data on all league pages, namely the version that was on the "all time" league page.

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