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It would be a massive benefit for those prepared to answer the question if it were possible for the OP to enter csv data and have it formatted into a table. Those who answer the question should have the option of extracting that data back as csv (or better still as a "create table and populate with data sql" statement). The CREATE TABLE and INSERT ...


I vote against implementing this as a feature, because way too many people are struggling with the current formatting options already. Of course, such a formatting feature could be made available based on reputation or something, but people don't seem to like that idea. But I too get annoyed at database questions, sometimes because I wish I has a graphical ...


Here's an ASCII table, which I render in a monospace font using the code tool: |---------------------|------------------| | Heading 1 | Heading 2 | |---------------------|------------------| | 12 | 34 | |---------------------|------------------|

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