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Some sites require this spoiler functionality — especially our sites that discuss plots and story lines (think Gaming, Movies & TV, Anime & Manga, Science Fiction & Fantasy and such sites). It is a custom markdown extension and it is documented on the advanced editing help: To hide a certain piece of text and have it only be visible when a ...


With spoilers, every line must begin with >!, including blank lines. >! One way to fix the problem — not necessarily the best, by any stretch of my >! imagination, but one which works — is to fix the the LHS of the `lhs << (15 - i)` >! shift so that it is either 0 or 1 that is shifted. For example: >! >! `((ptr[j] & (1 ...


It Markdown markup for a spoiler: Move your mouse over the 'blank' block text to see what happens. Not all sites really need this, but it is supported everywhere. Only sites that make regular use of it (such as SciFi and Movies) actually include the tag in their documentation. Spoilers To hide a certain piece of text and have it only be visible ...


It's not on us to enforce the terms and conditions of another website, so if you flag these, moderators will decline your flags. As far as I'm concerned, if the question asked would be a viable, on-topic programming question without the context of it being on Project Euler, I have no problem with it being here. This applies to every other programming ...


Key resource to read: The Death of Meta Tags The primary criteria for something being a meta tag is if one can't be an expert in the topic. Can you an expert in homework? or subjective? or best-practices? No? Then its a meta tag. The reason meta-tags are a problem is that they do not describe the content of the question. They describe some other aspect ...


I would say no. It strikes me as a meta-tag that does not add any necessary information.


It's not up to Stack Overflow to police for violations of the social norms of other sites. risking depriving people the joy and achievement of figuring things out for themselves? Wouldn't this apply to everything on Stack Overflow? It's sorta the raison d'être here.

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