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The question has nothing to do with programming. It is a general computer/device question. It needs to be closed as off topic. FYI - All software likely uses some kind of library or API, but that does not mean that every question about how or why a piece of software operates the way it does is an appropriate programming question.


Like this: Also, for questions like this, I recommend dropping out of review and voting to close. Note that there's a suggestion on Meta SE for adding a reason specifically for edits to doomed posts that don't, uh, un-doom them - don't hesitate to upvote that or drop in your own suggestions on that thread.


I was the first person to vote to close this question. At the time, it only had a problem description: http://stackoverflow.com/revisions/25831193/1 It basically just said "Here's a Wikipedia article, how do I implement this?" The actual problem description wasn't even in the question itself. The OP has now edited their question, but the edit is mostly a ...


I voted for the question to be re-opened but it tells me it needs 5 votes which seems an impossible ask When you edit your post after closing it will appear in the "Reopen votes" review queue where people will be asked to vote for or against re-opening. You don't have to find those people yourself. So no, your question does not get totally abandoned.


Your post is not suitable for any Stack Exchange site, nor for any site on the internet except maybe some recruitment platforms. There is no question in your post. Yes, there are dodgy-looking entries in that list. Yes, they're undoubtedly due to a bug in your code. What do you expect us to do about that? You haven't even posted the code. Looking at the ...


No this is not a bug. This has 41 non deleted answers (52 answers including deleted ones). It used to be the case that questions with many answers (more than 30 on Stackoverflow) were auto converted.

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