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It might surprise people, but I actually fully support this. I've had concerns about the asker's vote overriding the community's for a while, and to non-regulars, this seems bizarre. The community feels that accept votes still serve a useful purpose, but that doesn't mean that we can't remove their sorting preference. The accept mark is very visible, even ...


When ordering by votes, answer posts with an equal score are listed in arbitrary random order, yes. Post age doesn't come into this. This is by design to give answers with an equal score an equal amount of attention.


You have the answer sort order set to active. Scroll back to the top and click on votes: The preference is saved; if you clicked on active on a different question, the setting persists and is used on all subsequent pages until you change it again. If you have the keyboard shortcuts preference enabled, all it takes is typing o-a for you to set the ...


If you sort by "votes", the accepted answer is at the top. If you sort by "oldest" or "active" it drops down.


You could do: http://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=newest&q=intags%3amine%20is%3aq%20answers%3a0 This will find you the newest (tab=newest) questions (is:q) in your tags (intags:mine) with no answers (answers:0). As Animuson has already pointed out, this is questions with zero answers, rather than no upvoted answers per the Unanswered list. For more ...


Here's an initial attempt: http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/346926 Not unexpectedly, the top StackOverflow question received the most votes. But there are some more interesting results below, e.g. third in the list (a recent question but possible future contender for one of the top spots?)


According to here this is status-bydesign . ChrisF states: The accepted answer floats to the top (except when it's the OP's own answer) because it's the most important answer regardless of sort order. It floats to the top when sorting by votes even if there are other higher voted answers. Also, your question is a dup of this meta.SE question that was ...


It can certainly happen that OP clearly accepted a wrong answer mainly because there was a mistake in some part that OP fixed eventually without even noticing (typo, incorrect terms, ...). But generally, the accepted answer is the one that was used by OP. So at least he found it the most useful for his particular problem. On the other end votes represent ...

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