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It might surprise people, but I actually fully support this. I've had concerns about the asker's vote overriding the community's for a while, and to non-regulars, this seems bizarre. The community feels that accept votes still serve a useful purpose, but that doesn't mean that we can't remove their sorting preference. The accept mark is very visible, even ...


Your answer is sorted first provided you pick the right sort order: If you sorted by oldest yours would be listed first as well. When sorting by active instead, your post is sorted last. Your sort preference is persisted; if you picked a different sort order on a different question, then until you change the setting, all question pages will use that ...


I think #3 is the best choice here. Until I started playing around with the sorting (an example being this question suggested in a now-deleted comment. Sort it by "active"), I assumed that this was always the case. I don't think that deleted answers need their own sort criteria. But regardless of the criteria, they should always come last. By definition, ...


Sure you didn't accidentally sort by active? That causes the answers to be arranged in descending order of last active (last posted/modified). See here (the fix is to sort by Votes):


When ordering by votes, answer posts with an equal score are listed in arbitrary random order, yes. Post age doesn't come into this. This is by design to give answers with an equal score an equal amount of attention.


I think you're misunderstanding what the frequent tab is for. Your comment suggests you think it's sorted by views, but that's not the case. Rather, it sorts by number of questions closed as a duplicate of it. If a question is asked many times and is closed as a duplicate, then indeed, that question is now a ‘frequent[ly asked]’ question. See also: What's ...


You have the answer sort order set to active. Scroll back to the top and click on votes: The preference is saved; if you clicked on active on a different question, the setting persists and is used on all subsequent pages until you change it again. If you have the keyboard shortcuts preference enabled, all it takes is typing o-a for you to set the ...


Make sure the shown answers are sorted by vote count:


First, compose a search. Say you like questions in the algorithm tag. Search for [algorithm] and you get this URL: If you look at the “Advanced Search Tips”, you’ll find you can use answers:0 in your query to limit it to unanswered questions. Then you get this URL: ...


I disagree. The newest answer isn't necessarily the best answer. Plenty of times I've seen users answer a relatively simple question an hour after it was posted, basically saying the same that existing answers do. If anything, I'd sort them by post length. A longer answer implies that the user put more effort into the answer. (So let's dump a massive code ...


Yep, you're mistaken. The comments on answered aren't considered to be activity. For answers, new activity is 1) when they're posted 2) when they're edited. Do note that the accepted answers, if not posted by the OP of the question, are still floating top.


You could do: This will find you the newest (tab=newest) questions (is:q) in your tags (intags:mine) with no answers (answers:0). As Animuson has already pointed out, this is questions with zero answers, rather than no upvoted answers per the Unanswered list. For more ...


Here's an initial attempt: Not unexpectedly, the top StackOverflow question received the most votes. But there are some more interesting results below, e.g. third in the list (a recent question but possible future contender ...


As others have said, the accepted answer is (almost) always first. The only exception is a self answered accepted answer, if there are other answers.


If you sort by "votes", the accepted answer is at the top. If you sort by "oldest" or "active" it drops down.


Thanks for the comments @user000001 and @IKavanagh. Merging both the comments to an answer: It is currently not possible to sort answers in the android app. But you can sort answers while using the mobile site.


I'm not convinced that your feature request will actually solve the problem. The problem with FGITW isn't so much the answers being submitted quickly, rather it is with onlookers of the question immediately upvoting answers that are helpful (enough). So even with your proposed solution, the first answer can still get a few upvotes way before the next ...


According to here this is status-bydesign . ChrisF states: The accepted answer floats to the top (except when it's the OP's own answer) because it's the most important answer regardless of sort order. It floats to the top when sorting by votes even if there are other higher voted answers. Also, your question is a dup of this meta.SE question that was ...


It can certainly happen that OP clearly accepted a wrong answer mainly because there was a mistake in some part that OP fixed eventually without even noticing (typo, incorrect terms, ...). But generally, the accepted answer is the one that was used by OP. So at least he found it the most useful for his particular problem. On the other end votes represent ...

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