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First, your post was not rejected. It is, as I type, 4/5ths of the way to being put on hold so it can be improved. The improvements it needs are not for you to sound more like a robot. I often edit out chattiness in questions just to make them shorter - a person who knows how to solve your problem doesn't need to read all the context about how much a ...


No, there is no user-to-user private messaging system on SO. Greetings, salutations, signatures, thanks, etc. are all considered noise in questions and answers. They should not be written and will likely be edited out. A link to your own site in your user profile is fine.


I don't say that we need to leave such comments. However, I almost always leave a comment like that for low-rep users, if the question (or answer) is recent enough for them to benefit from. Stack Exchange is a different model than most other Q&A sites or discussion forums. A user who is new to our sites can be expected to not know the ways in which ...


Andrew gave a good answer but there's something I feel needs to be pointed out here. Quick check list for people posting answers that contain links to their product/project/whatever: Is your product/etc. directly pertaining to solving the problem in the question? In your answer, do your explain in detail how your product/etc could be used to solve the ...


The consensus is that salutations in a question (or answer, for that matter) are noise and should be edited out. All they do is take screen real-estate, require reading and parsing (or parsing out) by those who read the question and are not relevant to the issue at hand. So people edit them out.


You are not required to be a robot. However the legion of editors out there is indistinguishable from one. The protection against that is to make sure your question is clear and complete from the start so that nobody feels compelled to edit it. Regarding the "thanks" at the end of the question, that goes back to an early philosophy for SO - anything that ...


I think it's unnecessary to do so. Retaining a structured discussion without "noise" to drive the question towards a resolve far outweighs any benefit from teaching a user about not using signatures, pointless pleasantries, etc. Users should have read the help section and already know such things. I know, they don't read it, but is a user really going ...

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