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Are links like this fine or is it necessary to make it clearer that the user is linking to their own content? If it's the latter, what would be more appropriate? Well, it depends. If the user is linking to their personal homepage or something else entirely irrelevant to the question, then no, this is not OK. We already have a place for linking to your ...


Not everyone reads the link text, so a link without any other indication is not enough in my opinion. It is too easy to hide your affiliation. And let's not forget that display names can change, so while the domain might have matched the user name initially, 3 months later, it might be different and no longer attributed at all. Simply prefacing it with ...


I think there's two important things to note here, If something provides a good answer to the question which will help others in the future, it should be allowed and encouraged (I would even go so far as to say to spite the motives of the answerer). If the question is asking for a library recommendation its off topic anyway, so you should be closing it not ...


I don't think 'promote' is the right word to use. If you have made a library (preferably open source as others mentioned) that is applicable to the question and the answer you are giving then by all means it should be included. There's no one better than yourself to explain how to use it to solve a problem. However, keep in mind that the goal here is to ...


I have seen that more than once actually. What I've usually noticed is a disclaimer given at the top or the bottom of the post. In the post the question is answered (that is important), and the library/plug-in/service is given as an example. or supplements the explanation. If both elements exist I think it's fine.


"Again, as part of a detailed, well thought-out answer." In that case it's absolutely OK, to additionally promote your own (open source required IMHO) library packaged solution. The point is not just linking to it, but make a concise explanation, why using this would be better, than creating a solution from scratch.

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