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I don't know if that is its purpose but the difference is that with quotes "term_variables" you'll get only search results where that exact phrase is present in the post but NOT in a code <code> block. You might get confused by some results because they use a <pre> html tag to mimic a code layout. If you search for a single word without ...


Use the advanced search functionality: [android] and [google-maps] answers:0 closed:no Which gives you questions: tagged with android and google-maps zero answers not closed


The results are cached from your previous search terms: If I just type "migration gcm", I get 11 results, adding "to fc" produce 0 results, so the modal just keep the previous results around in case I'm just typing extra words.


That's a pretty specific thing to search for. I don't know if t="shared" means something special in Excel or if it's a common idiom but that sounds hard to search for regardless of the capabilities of the engine. You could try using the * wildcard, like "t*shared". This gave me two relevant results where t="shared" was matched exactly.


If you look at the sidebar (that tells you what you are searching for exactly), you will see that you can only filter for questions OR answers. It always uses the last option in the search. There is no way to do what you want in the search bar. Since I have very few questions, I would click through all of my questions (that have at least 1 answer) and see ...


If people like this, it can become a question in its own right, so it can be tagged feature request. We have a problem finding duplicate targets. However most of these have already been used to close other questions as duplicates. Therefore add a check box “Only show questions that are current duplicate targets” Default the checkbox to be ticked Find ...


While the SO search never seems to be great, the quotation marks in the title might make this harder than it needs to be, too. I've run into this before too, as I described in a MSE question: How can I search for questions with the error message "application: not a procedure" in the Scheme tag? And I ran into this for very similar reasons: a ...


Check out stackse - search engine for stackoverflow which might be a good tool for finding duplicates. (Or at least one more additional tool.) Disclosure: it's my pet project.


There is a mobile-specific path to rendering tags, and it wasn't taking account of "or" and "and" which should be excluded from normal tag rendering. I have updated that code path, so things are more consistent between mobile and full site views. With you in the next build.


Here's a radical suggestion: instead of investing so much time trying to find the duplicate question, why not spend less time and just answer it? (Especially as, in my experience, quite often the duplicate is no such thing: the answers to the supposed duplicate question do not answer the original question.) That way the questioner gets the answer they're ...


Because we are filled with so much crap that finding an appropriated duplicate is increasingly difficult. Notice how many of those questions have more or less the same title and none of them are closed. Of course, the elastic search engine isn't smart enough (or maybe wasn't designed) to use the really relevant matches, instead of going out of its way to ...

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