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Yes it is working normally now, I should have taken a screenshot. Thanks


There is a nice SEDE query for that (though it takes a while to run, and make sure you set the target site right - it's set to Meta SE by default). It will return the most 'popular' duplicates first, the top results are: Angular 2.0 router not working on reloading the browser What is the correct way to share the result of an Angular 2 Http network call in ...


I don't know that I support the entire homepage changing. That seems drastic. However. For new users, it is an open question — why doesn't the /ask page, for new users, basically require that they do a search before asking? I think there's so much opportunity to improve the /ask page to interactively teach new users how to ask better questions, and to ...


You can search this using Google: select+asterisk For example, the results include this question, which contains * but not asterisk.


Alas, this is not supported by the Stack Overflow search engine. Even Google is no help in this case (barring the trick mentioned by Oriol below) - it seems to interpret * as 'any word'. The only working option I know of is the advanced search of SymbolHound, which is a tool specifically designed for these kind of queries.


The following userscript leverages the Advanced/search API of the StackAPI to get an in initial result. It then uses JavaScript to filter out the unwanted rows. The qualifying rows are presented as a link. The script does paging but the filtering doesn't allow to limit the results very much so on large tags it might take a while before all result are in. ...


We had a bug in the popup - when getting search results the relevance sort order (coming from ElasticSearch) was inadvertently lost and the results were ordered by their Ids. This of course is completely wrong - I have restored the original sort order to the results, which is what you can see now. We can think of further improvements if and as needed (some ...

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