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Kind of a Question and Answer in one here but: Why isn't the SO search bar Powered by Google?


The codeword appears in a codeblock on that page. The problem with code is that it is bloody hard to stem and index properly. Try searching for && or and or other operators that consist only of symbols or common English words, for example. The major search engines all fail at this just as hard. As such, Stack Overflow is at least trying to handle ...


For exmaple I was looking for replies Yes, like that. Google returns ten million hits when you query "site:stackoverflow.com exmaple". Its ability to second-guess what you meant instead of what you said is something that other search engines just can't touch. So just use it.


You can use https://data.stackexchange.com/ but you need to know a modicum of SQL and probably familiarize yourself with the SE database schema a bit. Here is a query I composed to search for $* and $@ in [bash] questions just now. You should be able to fork it and adapt it for your own needs. ...


Just add closed:no to the query, such as [java] "setting name" closed:no. When you are on the search result page you can click on "Advanced Search Tips" on the right to see this syntax, and the full list of options in Help Center - How do I search?


This question interested me so I did some digging in SEDE and found that somehow the Question Ids of those questions (3896320,3896444,3896217) have ended up in the AcceptedAnswerId column on some other questions: 3896490 - JQuery Code Needed 3896543 - How to Remove All Proper Subsets From this I would presume that the back end SQL Query being produced ...


Out of inspiration of your question, I began to toy with composing queries on StackExchange Data Explorer. I created this ugly query that will essentially, gather a list of all questions, answers, and comments from question posts in which you have either: Asked the question; Posed an answer; or Made a comment Then it will search each post/comment in the ...


Add is: at the end of the question, like this.


I think it'd be great to search for duplicates across sites. Unix scripting (bash/bourne shell/sed/awk/cut/sort/etc.) questions are scattered over StackOverflow, Unix & Linux, and AskUbuntu. Probably also Superuser. I posted about this (in response to are-bash-shell-scripting-questions-on-topic on meta-askubuntu). I'm sure the same questions get ...

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