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I use google in case I'm looking for someone and I don't know their username. For example, if my company is considering hiring a contractor, I like to check and see if the programmer has an SO account. However, I don't know their SO username in this case. If they have included their name in there bio, I can still find them. Example: Assume I'm trying to ...


Sure! With dots (more commonly known as the range operator)! is:answer score:..-2


You can search through your favorites; just enter this as search query in the search box at the top of the page: search query infavorites:mine


I'd really like to (re)point out the lack of a possibility to negate some tags. I'm fairly active in PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, but if I receive questions including those tags that include tags outside my expertise, there is not much I can do. Also, some times I am looking at good questions, you know, the kind of questions with meat around the bone written ...


SE is still underestimating the importance of edits. I'm amazed that edits aren't factored into this at all. I'm not really an SO user, but if this is to be rolled out elsewhere, then edits really should count on other sites. Sometimes a question is unanswerable/shouldn't-be-answered before an edit. "Last Activity" is closest, but I'm guessing that catches ...


My version heavily depends on shared tags ( 2.5 * @UserAnswerScoreInTagsCommon) checks if the question is related to those the user is good at answering sqrt(@UQViews + (@UQScore * 2.5)) determines question quality there is a small decay factor based on the time since last activity


What I'm REALLY missing is a way to NEGATE some tag; for example I like to answer Java question, but I like "pure" Java, not all of that framework configuration and similar. I would like a way to explicitly exclude them. And an easy way to save and call my tag list with a single click from every page, like just over the tag suggestion on the left. If this ...


This is a problem for Google to fix, not for Stack Overflow. Pages on Stack Overflow are correctly marked up using Schema.org mark-up, giving Google all the information needed to know what parts of the page are important: <html itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/QAPage"> <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Question"> ...


See my query version here. Fuzzy like query with default values Require primary tag and boost other shared tags by 5 Ranking function: ( @UserAnswerScoreInTagsCommon * @UserAnswerCountInTagsCommon * (abs(@UQScore) + 1) * @UQViews ) / ( (@UserAnswerScoreInTagsOnUQ + @UserAnswerScoreInTagsOnAQ + 1) * (@UserAnswerCountInTagsOnAQ + ...


I like to look at newest questions when answering. Especially questions which have an upvote and are generating a good set of views. This means that on http://stackoverflow.com/questions?sort=newest sometimes there aren't any candidates. I already have it paginated by 50, but it quickly becomes hard, and sometimes discouraging, to flip through 300 questions ...


Sadly, SE elasticsearch ignores symbols. You should use other tools, like http://symbolhound.com/, as suggested by l4mpi to obtain results.


I am glad you asked this question. I answer plenty of Android-based questions and I often see many duplicated questions that have to do with Android layouts that start with: "NullpointerException in XML" or "my layout crashes, why?". So from my experience, I can definitely agree that your second point: "It has tons of upvotes." helps when I search for ...

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