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Let me suggest another way this could be handled: tighten the self-deletion restrictions so that a question with any answer cannot be deleted by the asker. At present, a question with two or more answers or a single upvoted answer cannot be deleted by the asker. This is to prevent someone from taking their ball and going home after they get their answer. ...


Based on Brad's idea I would suggest that any question that got an answer can't be deleted by OP for 24, 48 or 72 hours. During this time the community should identify valid and good answers and up vote it. Once an answer is upvoted, OP can't delete the question anymore.


Yes, just put a minus in front of any tags (or other search criteria) that you want to exclude. From the How do I search page: To exclude results from a tag, term or phrase, prefix it with - in your query: waffles -unicorns finds posts that mention tasty batter-based breakfasts without including mythical creatures, while [laurel] -[hardy] includes only ...


Late answer, but I only yesterday saw this question and decided to do some digging. Now that this question is reopened I'll post my comment as an answer. Your posts have or had the IDs 23182459, 23182349 and 23182297. Some quick binary searching using the URL$ID/edit pointed out that there are no posts with an ID between ...


They will not be able to always delete question: You can’t delete answers that have been accepted. You can’t delete your own question when it: has an upvoted answer, or has an accepted answer, or has multiple answers (even if there are no upvotes) It will require some skills, to do that in-time (and if student has them, let it be). ...


I think sometimes it is really useful to delete a question immediatly. I'm thinking about security leaks, for example when someone mistakenly posts some code or a log trace that contains sensitive data (proxy password, ...). Just editing the question isn't enough because the old version still is accessible.


Just use search, there are lots of useful operators you can use: answers:0 score:..0


I'm not sure why anyone would want this query, but it's not hard to do in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Keep in mind that it's not up-to-the-minute data, so questions may have been upvoted or deleted in the interim. Link to query SELECT ID [Post Link], Score, CreationDate FROM Posts WHERE PostTypeId = 1 AND Score < 0 AND AnswerCount = 0 ORDER BY ...


Agreed. I am not that great with these type of questions but I will try my best. First step: Find all questions will related badges That should be simple. Duplicate questions should have most if not all of the tags the question in question has. There should be a very close relationship between the tags, like python and python-2.x. Tags that simply ...


Thanks for the bug report! By default, the job search page won't show jobs that the employer has chosen not to advertise in your region. If you want to see jobs that aren't targeted to your region, you can put something in the Location box. It looks like there was a bug in the "favourite listings" page. I've tweaked the logic - you should now see all of ...


Just give the poster an ordinary delete vote like everyone else (5 users needed to make it effective). Then when they try to delete their question, it'll show up in the 10k delete votes tool and find out if anyone else agrees... or disagrees and reverts the edit that replaced the question with "PLZ DELETE cuz I'm not authorized to receive help on this".

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