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If I simply add stackoverflow to your Google query stackoverflow Allman style jscs the first link I got listed is a particular Q&A Dangerous implications of Allman style in javascript The search could certainly improved, e.g. by excluding java-script or so. But in general I agree with you, that Google links shown for the newest tab aren't really ...


I put together a quick and dirty query that may get you what you're after for the time being: Questions with no answers and no comments select TOP 30 p.Id as [Post Link] FROM Posts p WHERE p.PostTypeId = 1 AND p.score >= 0 AND p.closeddate is null AND ISNULL(p.AnswerCount,0) = 0 AND ISNULL(p.CommentCount,0) = 0 order by p.score desc ...


A close enough alternative is to look at questions with the Tumbleweed badge. If a post receives no comments or answers for a week, it's likely to stay that way for some time.


It can be done on the client side. If you notice a pattern of undesirable results in your Google queries, you can exclude them with the "URL does not contain" (-inurl:) operator. For example, you can exclude question list pages on Stack Exchange sites with Allman style jscs -inurl:/questions/tagged/. This method should be familiar to people who were around ...


These results come up on very selective queries, I don't think Google ranks the pages too highly. When the same terms appear within a single question, the question is ranked first. I don't think there's a real problem. Additionally, if these pages were delisted, they would be overtaken by equivalent indexes from the clones.


More useful, and more consistent with the existing created: searches, would be to add support for hours. Then your search could be written as created:24h, and support for searching in the last 3 hours, or the last 36 hours, which are not possible under your proposal, would come for free. For what you said in your comment (between 2 and 4 hours old), you ...


Copy and paste this as the bookmark. Tested using Firefox 40 javascript:(function(){Date.prototype.sodate = function(){var yyyy=this.getFullYear().toString();var mm=(this.getMonth()+1).toString();var dd=this.getDate().toString();return yyyy+"-"+(mm[1]?mm:"0"+mm[0])+'-'+(dd[1]?dd:"0"+dd[0]);};var today=new ...

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