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I bet the answer to this is: "They don't search". I state this because I don't normally do it myself (I do look at the suggestions near the title bar when asking a question though, so don't go bashing me.)


When I was a brand new user I remember coming on here to figure out why so many people were so aggressive on this site. I found this: Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? I suspect most new users are searching for the same thing. Honestly I still don't understand why an old discussion isn't allowed to resurface. This place has an interesting and ...


Thanks for bringing this up. This isn't a bug, but instead a super unintuitive feature of the current search algorithm. In search, a good practice is to use stemming to help with the relevance of your results. Stemming in a nut shell reduces words to root or base forms (think of it as a one-way function). When we index, we stem, and when we search, we again ...


Thanks for bringing this up. Your timing is excellent (or terrible, depending on your view). I had just turned off an A/B test (resulting in the 359 results case), and then rolled out the new successful A/B code (resulting in the 5031 results). It seems that you searched right before I rolled out the code, and then right after, noticing the difference. The ...


You can use this sede query select top 1000 p.id as [Post Link] from posts p left outer join comments c on c.postid = p.id inner join posttags pt on p.id = pt.postid inner join tags t on t.id = pt.tagid where p.posttypeid = 1 -- Questions and c.id is null -- no comments and t.tagname ='##tag##' -- tag and answercount =0 -- no answers and p.score ...


Thanks for bringing this up. I've added a section on exclusions to the advanced search tips bar on the right side of the results page. You'll see it go live in just a few moments.


It is rare for a post to receive so many answers that you could have problems finding a specific one on the page. And for the vast majority of questions you'd only ever post just one answer. So for there to be any question with so many answers that a separate tab is needed just to list your own, is... vanishingly small. It is not worth the effort of the dev ...


Just a heads up, you should find that this now works a lot more intuitively. The test was considered successful / practical. Cheers!


Is a characteristic of the "or" operator to be parsed last. The results you are seeing is any question tagged groovy, or any question that is tagged grails but not gradle: (groovy) || (grails && !gradle). If you want questions without gradle but with either groovy or grails, you must use double negation along with the or operator so it applies on ...


Just a heads up, this should now work correctly for all users. Cheers!


I specifically use SE search to find questions where I could use my expertise to give a good and helpful answer. I use google to find answers to problems I want solutions for. To date I have never had to ask a new question as there always has been something there. The issue I have with SE is I do not have the search qualifiers I need to reduce the search ...

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