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You already helped Stack Overflow become more efficient. You asked a duplicate question, but using a unique context, with unique keywords. Anyone else now searching for python and IgnorePatternWhiteSpace will find your question and is then guided to the canonical question on the subject. We cannot possibly anticipate every keyword anyone is ever going to ...


TL;DR: Fixed, enjoy! The way we index the posts table is pretty simple. We use a field on Posts called LastChange which is a rowversion column, basically an always incrementing number that updates when anything on the row changes, even though it presents as a TIMESTAMP. We use that rowversion by simply casting that column to a bigint and remembering the ...


Simply use the following search operators: user:me to find all questions and answers by you. [git] to find all posts tagged with the Git tag. is:question to filter them all down to questions. Putting that altogether, you get user:me [git] is:question I see that you've asked 8 Git questions so far. Documentation For more search tips and instructions, ...


Here's the link to your git questions/answers You can access your tag history via your profile, go to the tags tab and find and click the tag you are interested in. This will show you your questions/answers by tag.


Your best hope here is to use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Shadow Wizard wrote you a quick query to search through users by given location. I modified it to search through display names as well, but the only Kiran RS I found in Thiruvananthapuram, India was your current account: You might want to try the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to ...


No, there is no feature to limit search to just one tag. You can only explicitly exclude tags, so you can search for [java] -[android] and get any posts that are tagged java but do not have the android tag. You can always use the Data Explorer for more specialist queries. I've created one that searches for questions with a specific single tag.


I like the idea of encouraging new users to search before posting. I also agree that most beginners questions have already been asked and answered. This community has already managed to build a great library of detailed questions and answers to most of basic programming related questions. But, The current search engine is far from good. It would need ...

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