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Since starting a bounty adds a notice to the question, it is possible to abuse the hasnotice operator to achieve what you want. For instance, the following search: [bash] hasnotice:yes closed:no duplicate:no locked:no migrated:no (http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=[bash]+hasnotice%3Ayes+closed%3Ano+duplicate%3Ano+locked%3Ano+migrated%3Ano) Returns all ...


I don't know such a query, but as I also don't want to see the newest in my tag I instantly select the second page of the newest questions, that usually gives a better result. Like this (for java): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/java?page=2&sort=newest&pagesize=50


The question isn't exactly gold plated. It makes some interesting assertions and doesn't provide much in the way of showing effort. However, it is basically asking about using encoding which Martijn Pieters covers in an answer on that question. The overall set of answers seem to contain useful information and there aren't any link only answers or anything ...


Asking for help finding a tutorial is off-topic on Stack Overflow. Just ask how to do the thing you're trying to do. Show what you've tried so far and include what you've found in your research so far. People can then post an answer to your question, and they can link to a tutorial if one already exists.


This doesn't directly answer the question, but I've found that you can search using created time by extending the date search to include a timestamp. Adding the timestamp allows you to filter to posts created after a certain time (as opposed to older than an hour as you asked). For instance you can search unanswered questions, in your tags that were created ...


I opted in for the alpha navigation throughout Stack Exchange. I attached a screenshot of the navigation. I think it may solve your question. If you click on the Bounties label, a filter is applied (same as clicking "need answers"). You can also look for bounties associated with your favorite tags by clicking on the tag, followed by clicking on "need ...


Borrowing from Shadow Wizards answer here you could search for notices: hasnotice:1 locked:0 closed:no is:question lastactive:14d.. but that does show a couple of false positives... Easier is to click the blue bounties number and then apply filters there


It only shows the answer count if it's showing a question. Notice how the ones showing an answer count say "asked date here by user here" and the ones without answer count say "answered date here by user here" Oh, and the titles are also prefixed with either "Q:" (for Question) or "A:" (for Answer).


Your first link is for all questions whch have android and ios in the tags. (Approx 1 million questions for me) Your second link is for unanswered questions which have both android and ios in the tags. (~300 000 questions). Note that unanswered here means "No accepted or upvoted answer". Also, I'm on the New navigation, which may explain the the difference ...


Stack Overflow's core business is being a good Q&A site. The search has always sucked, and always will. Use your favorite web search engine and postfix your query with "site:stackoverflow.com" to search.


If I do search "C#" (with or without quotes), it will show results contains "C", "C++", "C#", or anything that has "C" in it - but not exclusively "C#" When I typed C# into the search box, I found myself here (c#). However, when I searched with the quotes, weird results (doesn't have at least one "c#" word in them) came up. To search for questions ...


user:me is:answer hello world You can find all available search operators in the How do I search? help article.


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