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We currently do not use a parent/child relationship for Elasticsearch documents. We index questions and the answers to said questions as individual documents right now. We're investigating a nested relationship of 1 question + N answers per document, and may test this in the near future. One possible problem introduced by nested document structure is the TF ...


Use the following in the search field: user:me is:question [ios] This will give you posts that meet all of the following conditions: You wrote them: user:me. They are questions: is:question. They have the ios tag: [ios].


If you want all VB.NET questions that have no answers, rather than Stack Overflow's definition of "unanswered", this search query will do that: [vb.net] answers:0


Thanks for bringing this up. We're currently running some search tests which are altering the search behaviour for a percentage of users. I am unable to disclose the details of the tests at this time as, like Quantum Mechanics, observing the state may change it. In other words, I don't want to bias you and ruin the results of our tests. If some of you get ...


You can use Google to help with this sort of search. For example, if you search for site:stackoverflow.com "User Dan" Chicago the results give a lot of Dans from Chicago. Of course, you can narrow it down by using more information from your friend's profile. (This has all sorts of disadvantages - it's not SO native, and thus is likely always slightly out ...

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