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Where do questions like those belong? One might think SE: Programming, but they get shut down there, too. Thoughts? They belong to the limbo for nearly much every SE site. The primary reasons to close listed below will apply for all sites: Well, let's dissect that question in question you're mentioning: This is a design question I came across, ...


No, there is no Stack Exchange site where you can ask for book recommendations. Amazon and Goodreads have ratings and reviews and they're set up specifically for this purpose. We don't need to do that here. Yes, The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List is being kept around for historical reasons.


Revised Too many people come to SO hoping for a regex, or something, to parse their HTML string (usually they want to extract something from it). They are often very non-technical users who use whatever random technical word happens to float into their head. I think you just triggered too many red flags in most users' minds, but it sounds like you have a ...


Questions about Specific programming problems and Software development tools are specifically on topic at Stack Overflow. Creating (what are essentially) installation packages for software delivery systems meets both of these requirements. Similar questions for parallel microsoft systems could be creating an app package for the windows store or ...


What is the font in x/what is this font? Font identification questions are on-topic on We do accept questions about the identification of fonts, if certain conditions are met (see our requirements for font-identification questions). Source What topics can I ask about here?

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