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The question being questioned is definitely off topic and the poster of the question seems to know this, but attempts to justify with the idea that he cannot find a better fit on the Stack Exchange network. That is a horrible excuse and not at all reasonable. There isn't even a slight mention of anything programming related in the question. The thought that ...


Yes, it is ok. Indeed you need to provide smallest possible code (preferably as working Code snippet ) that demonstrate the problem in the post with clear explanation what you expect and observe. JsFiddle/CodePen would be nice in addition to code in the post as it lets people to clone/investigate in more familiar settings.


Working but slow code is on topic on either site. Be aware, however, that if you post on Code Review, valid answers can address any issues with your code, even to the point of ignoring performance completely. On the other hand, a question on Stack Overflow focused on the fact that your performance target is missed will lead to answers related only to ...


I believe Code Review is suited for your question, they do have a performance tag, among others that have similar context, e.g. memory-optimization.


Product recommendations are off topic on SO.


Not to cast asparagus on the validity of your reasoning, but it's just not a big deal that some OP disagreed with you about a close vote. If you are a responsible citizen and cast many close votes, you are going to run into people who don't like it. After all, they posted the crap inappropriate content, so they presumably thought that it should be here. ...


The fact that SO is as useful of a site as it is, and the reason you can find so much quality content here is precisely because questions like these aren't welcome. When you remove the site's quality standards for questions then it will devolve into a site as useful as all of the sites you're refusing to participate in.


You seem to argue that since OP put in some effort, the question should be allowed. The off-topic rule is very simple: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. [...] So no, it's not acceptable and it ...


I've seen a lot of these recently, pertaining to challenges on UVa and similar sites, and I usually vote to close without feeling bad. The only difference between these questions and the ones we routinely close for "no SSCCE" is that in these questions the OP has not only neglected to reduce the problem to a minimal reproduction of the error, but has not ...


If it's code, it's okay on Stack Overflow. If it's a general code question, it's explicitly forbidden on GameDev.SE. Most of the Pygame questions that I've seen fall under the "general code" category, and fall significantly far away from the explicitly on-topic points of discussion there, like level design. It may be the case that a question asked here ...


The SEO tag is a bloody travesty. It should probably be condemned, cordoned off and demolitioned. It's rare that you'll find a question with one or more upvotes, and common to find them closed or downvoted. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening without employee intervention. StackOverflow is a Q&A site about programming questions. Questions ...


Asking for examples without showing efforts of OPs own research and showing the particular code related problems is off topic in the way as looking for 3rd party resources. StackOverflow isn't a code writing service, or replacement for the Google search engine.


Even if the particular disputed question had been related to programming, the poster still need to narrow it down to a specific technical problem, provide information of the what attempts have been made to solve it programmatically, and if possible also provide the problematic source code. Otherwise the post should be closed for a number of other reasons, ...


If what you're really looking for is a mnemonic device, a memory aid, your question will probably be closed as primarily opinion based. Mnemonic devices tend to be somewhat person specific, as in what helps me remember may not help you remember, so the chances of there being one clear correct answer are slim to none. These questions are just too ...


In it's original form, the question was too broad. When an OP feels a need to summarise a question at the bottom of their question, it screams that it is too broad, or vague, or big. What are the limitations to creating portable software on linux, as people do on Windows? There are possibly (and undoubtedly) many. This again, makes the question too ...


Yes, it is on topic. Next to full code needed for reproduction, and clear explanation of problem - as we expect it for every question - your question on such an issue should include: description of the "weird" behaviour in one browser and the normal (expected?) behavior in the others the version of the non-working browser you're using, and the OS you're ...


Because questions about code are on-topic. I don't know what Pygame is, but if one using it has a question about code, it is welcome on SO. That is, of course, when the question adheres to How do I ask a good question?.

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