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No. Stack Overflow is about computer programming, not computer science. Working in formal languages is not computer programming. It is "doing science". Ask your Computer Science questions on Computer Science.


I think that questions asking if a product is being maintained are off-topic since they're extremely time dependent. The answer can change very quickly. A correct answer now might very well be invalid in six months, after nothing technical has changed at all. These questions are better directed at project maintainers.


"Theoretical foundation": that's your key right there. It's like saying physics is the theoretical foundation of construction, so should a physics questions belong on a SE about home construction & renovation? The answer is almost never. True, you might have a question about syntax of some programming language and refer to its formal grammar, or about ...


I can think of a number of good uses of the tag. Minecraft has a plugin API -- questions about that are on topic. (one could argue that it is "too narrow" I suppose). Minecraft allows programming within it (redstone) -- questions about that might be on-topic. And amusing. mods, that (I think) decompile the .jar, modify it, then recompile it, would also ...


The close reason does fit. Documentation is an off-site resource, and that is specifically defined as off-topic.


No, they are not on-topic because there is not much to gain once you know that trivia. But there can be a lot of knowledge be released if asked correctly. For example, instead of: Does it work on Xcode 7.1? ask I ran mocl -c main.lo --xcode but it stops with an error E05: unknown error. How do I diagnose or fix the root cause? Another example: ...


After reading everyone’s comments and this spin-off question, I can conclude that the minecraft tag was never relevant on Stack Overflow anyway. The tag should as well be removed or “burninated”. If we want to ask questions about developing Minecraft mods in Java, then they would best fit the java tag since the tag is relevant to programming. Because Stack ...


If you ask about a technical implementation of the mcforge API or some very deep API interfacing with a particular mod, that is on-topic. That said, these questions gain absolutely nothing from the Minecraft tag, as questions that would be suitable for the API in general would also be merited just on their own as Java programming questions. I suggest we ...


I can't see any constructive value in the mere downvoting. The constructive value is in discouraging any more such open-ended, unresearched, discussion-style "questions" from manifesting here or, indeed, on any other Stack Exchange site… and, more importantly, in marking the question as bad for other people (both directly, and through the magic ...


If these VMs are your home-toys - SuperUser If it's your professional activity - ServerFault but in any case not in form "I need a tool...", but "how to detect, adding to which VM some resources will be more profitable" and answers on such questions will have value not only for you (we, answers, aren't free helpdesk here), but for future readers also. ...


As the consensus seems to verge on the "It's off topic", with convincing arguments, especially Rene's, I removed the question.


Documentation is already included: Other off-site resource are off-topic.


What can we expect to happen from the removal of this tag? Will kids just learning how to program in Minecraft stop posing questions? Probably not. So you end up probably seeing "Minecraft" more in the titles than the tags, or not at all and just end up seeing the bad question. The Minecraft-related traffic doesn't necessarily go down with the removal of ...


No. This is off-topic for Stack Overflow. It should instead be asked at Code Review. From the Code Review Help Center: Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for seeking peer review of your code. We're working together to improve the skills of programmers worldwide by taking working code and making it better.

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