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With the help of Shog9, I spent a bit of time looking at the feeds to see who or what are using them, and if we could see any shady behavior taking place. We didn't find any evidence that they are being used to promote sockpuppetry or bad voting habits. We also have a lot of hits to the user feeds. These are coming from a variety of places, by a plethora of ...


Don't ditch these feeds! As a regular user of SO, I've come across a lot of users on SO who are really good at what they do (see my profile page for said list, it's not like it's a secret). They tend to answer and comment on difficult and interesting questions, and I've been able to gain a lot of insight just by stalking them following their activity ...


Small pockets that inadvertently provide harbor to those with motives that aren't sincere are a hallmark of any system in which creativity and expression thrive. This is true in communities, it's true in games, and it's especially true in places where both of these things intersect. While it's tempting to fill these pockets so that they can't be used in bad ...


I have fixed the offending question, and taken a snapshot to work on locally to see if we can fix the underlying problem.


I don't feel like gaming SO is as big of a problem as this at all. Sure, hypothetically it's a pretty effective tool to serially upvote someone, but the systems are already in place to detect that sort of thing. The feature is nice to have, and while I don't use it, apparently many people do, and I have a real hard time believing everyone's doing it for ...


There's no built-in functionality for this, but someone wrote a tool: RSS feed for favorite questions Here's a feed of your favourite questions:


Got it. This[userid]?site=[site] Outputs a nice JSON result. I.e. for me it's What you do with JSON after that - sky's the limit. I used service to push updates to and ultimately to my Pebble watch. ...


This is not a bug; the feature doesn't exist. The answer you link to is wrong. When you use a search with just tags you are redirected to a tag page, which has a RSS feed. If you add arbitrary text to search for, you are given the search results page and it doesn't have a RSS feed. Remove the "JSFiddle" part to see the difference. See the feature request ...


It's an RSS feed. Depending on your browser you'll get a dump of the XML or you'll get a nice interface for it. Here's a screenshot of Firefox:


This was caused by a known bug where we temporarily (for a few minutes) showed expired jobs our search results. It was a one-time bleep, and should hopefully not reoccur.


I setup Outlook and added an RSS feed and it does almost exactly what I want. The only thing it doesn't do is go back in time. That's fine. I can capture all posts from now, going forward. That will give me PLENTY to read!! Thanks everyone.


I tinkered around with this a little. There is a tab on the main Jobs listing page which is labelled "most recent" which would be the sorting option you want. Choosing this tab adds ?sort=p to the URL, so I just copied that and plugged it into the RSS feed URL, like so: Seems to work correctly.

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