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I have fixed the offending question, and taken a snapshot to work on locally to see if we can fix the underlying problem.


Got it. This https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/users/[userid]?site=[site] Outputs a nice JSON result. I.e. for me it's https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/users/961695?site=stackoverflow What you do with JSON after that - sky's the limit. I used https://zapier.com service to push updates to https://pushover.net/ and ultimately to my Pebble watch. ...


There's no built-in functionality for this, but someone wrote a tool: RSS feed for favorite questions Here's a feed of your favourite questions: http://stack2rss.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/users/1391924/favorites?body=true


It's an RSS feed. Depending on your browser you'll get a dump of the XML or you'll get a nice interface for it. Here's a screenshot of Firefox:


This is not a bug; the feature doesn't exist. The answer you link to is wrong. When you use a search with just tags you are redirected to a tag page, which has a RSS feed. If you add arbitrary text to search for, you are given the search results page and it doesn't have a RSS feed. Remove the "JSFiddle" part to see the difference. See the feature request ...


I tinkered around with this a little. There is a tab on the main Jobs listing page which is labelled "most recent" which would be the sorting option you want. Choosing this tab adds ?sort=p to the URL, so I just copied that and plugged it into the RSS feed URL, like so: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/feed?sort=p Seems to work correctly.

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