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It seems to violate the system of checks and balances for suggested edits. Yes, but that system is already screwed. If you are thinking about whether or not to roll it back, your opinion is already better than three robo-reviewers. If you find a blatantly terrible edit like that, certainly roll it back. If you aren't quite sure, don't do anything ...


Roll back the OP's edit that changes the question into a new question. If they complain, explain that the rule is "one question per question."


You should not make any edits to code in questions beyond cleaning up the formatting - and even then you should be very wary of doing that. The reason your edit was rolled back was probably because it appeared to fix the problem in the code thus making the question redundant. It would have been better just to address both issues in the answer.


You're doing about all you can. Users can't stop the owner of a post from editing it; all they can do is reverse the damage and/or call in someone who can lock the post. I might recommend that when you roll back, you add a comment informing the user that people can't simply delete their questions once they get an answer. (If you think they actually care, ...


Go ahead & rollback questionable edits. The checks & balances clearly include the option for someone else to roll things back AFTER edits are approved. It’s not a statement of who is good, bad or otherwise but a statement that we are all human & the process of approving edits can be mechanical at best. So if you are not caught in that cycle, see ...


I'd suggest that you roll it back, but with a comment to the editor, who appears to be the original question asker, that he should edit his question or post his own answer.


The rule against editing code isn't violated in this case as far as I can tell from a quick glance. The edit adds a diff between the code in the question and the fixed code in the self-answer, which looks pretty useful to me. This only makes it easier to see what the user actually did, it doesn't fundamentally change the code. In general, never get into an ...


This is the proposed edit to your post: http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/4917440 It was rejected by 3 reviewers because edits are not supposed to edit an entirely new section of content, but rather for improving the presentation of existing content. If the edit hadn't already been rejected, and was pending, you would see approve and reject ...


Rolling back now will not improve anything since the edit does not hurt. But you could leave a nice hint for the editor and explain to him why and how he could avoid minor edits in the future.


It should be up to the community to decide what stays and goes on SO, not a single person - including the OP. I don't know if it's the "right" thing to do, but as a matter of course I roll-back any attempt I see to destroy content regardless of the reason. Poor quality questions can be improved and sensitive information can be removed - it doesn't seem ...

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