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It offers a list of potential options, along with the ability to specify “other”. It looks like this:


It seems like the user copied the text without the dot. The actual message is with a dot, and the message does not get duplicated, I have checked that here in this review item. There was already a review comment (with a dot), and I selected the same comment -- there is still only one comment.


I would say, first (vote to) close the question, because it is blatantly off-topic and is the actual cause of the problem. For the answer, I would treat it as any other answer. If it is just a link, I would flag is as NAA - link-only. But if user has put some analysis in it, I would leave it. If the question is later deleted, the answer will go away too ...


Comment @-notifications can be used to notify: post authors other commenters editors "diamond" moderators who have closed the post For more details, see: How do comment @replies work?


Never mind, it appears that the answer was to rollback; just wasn't incredibly obvious while going through review queue.. So if someone has a better answer please share, I'll delay accepting my own / delete it later.


No, @lpapp in a comment on a post you have only reviewed would not notify you. See the Markdown help: You can use the same method to notify any editor of the post, or – if this is the case – to the ♦ moderator who closed the question. Also, see How do comment @replies work?. There is not a provision on either of those posts for pinging a reviewer.

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