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It is impossible to predict duplicates that no one has identified yet; as a result, they tend to screw with the audit-generator pretty badly. I've gotten bit by this myself. Don't worry about it; you know you're right.


Should this be happening? Yes Shouldn't it just be considered out-of-date by now? No What's the use of editting questions that are more than a couple of years old? To improve or correct grammatical, formatting, spelling, and other mistakes. To update with new information that wasn't available back then. To update with better information ...


As you are not technically flagging the post only the audit, the flag is not counted as helpful/disputed/declined. Let's imagine an extreme case for a single day: You're given 20 review tasks; The system decides to present you 20 audits; After reviewing 20 tasks, you have still 13 flags left. Here is a question that asks for the opposite behavior. ...

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