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This would be a great addition IMO. As someone who is just starting to review content on the site, I'd welcome it. Letting others critique and guide new reviewers on the correct way to go about reviewing content would be great for the site. At the moment it feels like a free for all with no way to correct each other and help educate. It would potentially ...


All three edits are of questionable quality and should not have been approved. As explained in When should code formatting be used for non-code text?, inline code is not to be used to highlight random terms in a post. It actively harms readability, just as obsessive usage of bold text to highlight parts the author finds interesting.


These are just low quality questions, lacking an MCVE. Instead, they link to some site that they think illustrates what they want or demonstrates the problem they want to solve. These are not spam, because they are not trying to sell or promote anything. Nothing in the post tells you to go check out their great site, or tell you how you can work from home ...


Honestly nudging high rep users who should know better is probably a lot more effective than nudging new users. Using your example, I'm sure Jon Skeet would take the time to update one of his old answers if it received an auto-comment from a review queue. Shouldn't that be the more desirable result? Rather than having info lost to deletion we may see it ...


No idea what's going on here. Presumably /review just hates Freedom. I turned switches and flipped knobs randomly until it started loading. I'm reluctant to call it fixed though.


I like the idea. It would be a good tool for guiding new reviewers, and enable others to ask someone for their reasoning without starting a Meta topic about it. Rather than comments, how about an embedded chat? It could be archived as flat HTML in line with the edit record after a certain time of no activity. This way, one could ping other users to join a ...


No, it's a good edit, even though the suggester failed to split out the self-answer, so rejection is wrong. You are certainly encouraged to do the obvious improvement here. Actually, that's a great use-case for "Improve Edit", as the question will get bumped anyway. Just be sure to open the question in a new tab for adding the answer before editing out the ...


Does it mean the close vote review limit and the close vote limit are different? Yes.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible