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I personally do not think we should have a bold tag. When thinking about whether a tag is good or not, I always ask myself the question: Can someone be an expert on this topic? I am sure, there are some people fond of calligraphy that are experts on this, but on behalf of programming and StackOverflow, I do not think a bold tag really is what we should ...


Fixing the dos tag has no easy solution. First you'd have to decide whether it's a tag worth keeping and if so how it should be defined. Second you'd then need to go through all 2000 posts with the tag and retag them accordingly. Justification for Burnination As you note, SuperUser decided that the tag wasn't worth keeping, and in fact they went so far as ...


You're right, this doesn't really make any sense; there's a good chance this is gonna just end up confusing more people as usage increases for these. I've reversed the direction of these synonyms and merged existing questions into the current names for these.


Version-specific tags should be used when a question is about a something that's in a specific version of a library. Both the master tag and the version-specific tag should be used, then.


one-definition-rule is now the target tag (with the excerpt from the previous odr as it was more comprehensive) for onedefinitionrule and odr.


Behold: python-xarray. (python-xray is a synonym, so anything tagged with that now will get remapped to the new tag.)


The generally accepted practice regarding version tags would mean that if something has a jquery-n, then it should also have jquery. Regardless of that version number n. So if you find a question which only has a version tag, add the base tag as well. As for the version tag, it doesn’t get useless just because it’s never used on its own. You should use a ...


I've merged visual-studio-online into vs-team-services and created a synonym for it. All the old synonyms have also been transferred in the process.


After some nice retagging work, the unity tag is no more. All questions are now tagged appropriately, and a synonym from unity to unity3d has been created. If anyone wants to dispute the synonym or has further questions, please open a new meta post and link to this one.

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