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Keeping in mind that "nobody reads", and there's no chance of changing this anytime this millenium, trying to reserve react for any one of the different frameworks named react, be it the PHP or the JavaScript one, is doomed to fail. The only sustainable solution is burning it and re-tagging all questions appropriately, the PHP ones to the new reactphp, the ...


This seems to be perfectly sensible to me. Just look at the wiki page for xamarin-forms "With the Xamarin.Forms API you ca..." even the wiki pages already agrees with you on this one. The site does already offer a way to propose synonyms but you need a 'score of five' within that tag to be able to do so.


Personally, I would get rid of the documentation-style usage of guide, because I don't think anyone is an expert in "guides" in general. For the Matlab questions, I would retag the questions to something like matlab-guide as you suggest. Are there similar tags for other matlab functions we can use as a reference? I can pitch in on retags if the community ...


I have retagged the 67 questions with the xamarin-forms tag to xamarin.forms. To prevent people from continuing to use the old tag, it will need to be removed and a synonym will need to be put in place. Unfortunately, that is not something I can do.


There were 33 questions tagged turing when I started. turing-machines fit most of them; turing-lang and turing-complete fit a couple; some of the rest had the tag removed. There are no remaining questions with the tag. This question is about the Turing Test: Feasibility of beating the Turing Test with modern software? (untagged) These questions didn't ...


Tread carefully. Here be dragons. First, finding qualified questions will be more involved than just using that incomplete search; they also have to be on-topic for the site overall. Once you've found one that's on-topic, I'd recommend cleaning it up in any way that's necessary. Then, and only then, should we discuss tagging. My big issue is that the tag ...

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