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As someone who follows sage tag (apparently, I'm the top user over 30 days :), I don't see any ambiguity in its actual use. It is so consistently used for SageMath software that it's fair to say: in the context of Stack Overflow, sage means SageMath. Removing this perfectly useful tag isn't needed. The tags sage-erp and sage-crm do exist, but have much ...


aspnet-identity is merged and syn'd to asp.net-identity


Here is a breakdown of all tags matching the filter [*cocos*]. cocos2d-android Q: 348 cocos2d-extensions-ios Q: 3 cocos2d-html5 Q: 61 cocos2d-iphone Q: 10,390 cocos2d-iphone-2.x Q: 15 cocos2d-iphone-3 Q: 31 cocos2d-js Q: 234 cocos2d-python Q: 25 cocos2d-swift Q: 17 cocos2d-x Q: 3,124 cocos2d-x-2.x Q: 86 cocos2d-x-3.0 Q: 567 cocos2d-x-for-xna Q: 9 ...


(I do not know if that specifies as an answer ...) There are more with this scheme which are misspelled: misspelled alternative -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- aspnet-compiler × 124 (18 asked this year) asp.net-compiler × 10 ...


Part of the issue with all of this is that what we might collectively know as v2 of AngularJS is actually being called just Angular with anything less than v2 being referred to as AngularJS. You can also see this reflected in their GitHub repos. If we were to follow the current branding, angular should be de-synonymized from angularjs and the tag wiki ...


I retagged the 13 or so questions to foselasticabundle which leaves 0 questions tagged with foselasticbundle. That zombie-tag will be removed by the script that normally runs at 03:00 UTC.


gcm and android-gcm -> google-cloud-messaging - merged and syn'd.


OK, the problem persisted. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/bootstrap I just thought of a possible solution for similar tag issues, not too smart and automated but may work. How about writing a new cleansing script for future retagging issues. Clearly bootstrap, twitter-bootstrap, bootstrap-tabs etc needs retagging and make synonyms of or ...


tika -> apache-tiki - merged and syn'd.


It looked mainly to be for scipy.interpolate. interpolate -> interpolation merged and syn'd.


edge-browser -> microsoft-edge - merged and syn'd.

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