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We don't need no replacement for success, nor the tag as-is. The tag itself is useless (what is or isn't successful?), and as Hans Passant noted in another answer, building the product of two bags of tags is rarely a good idea, especially if the base tags stay.


Nobody is an expert for [points], no matter the interpretation (game points, geometric points). Who is an expert on geometric points but not on geometric squares/rectangles/circles?! Nobody. If I'm interested in geometry I'll follow geometry. We should kill circle as well which actually says: has been deprecated. Please use [geometry] instead. Also to ...


I don't think we need to do this. Everybody knows what ES6 is, and most people still talk about ES6 instead of ES2015. None of the two terms is wrong: ECMAScript 2015 Language sixth edition of the ECMAScript Language [Specification] We might make a synonym if need arises, and might eventually swap the synonym direction. I don't think the time for that ...


I can now answer in more detail. Attempts to deprecate this tag have gone on for some time considerable time but never completed. All postings that previously had been tagged context have now been carefully retagged. (One posting remains holding the tag open so that the auto-clean process doesn't remove the carefully worded deprecation warning.) The next ...


status-completed This tag has been completely burninated. ajax-success now has 153 questions, and someone more familiar with it should give it a tag wiki. I also created a tag magento-success for those questions about the magento success page. There are 11 questions with this tag. The tag will automatically be deleted at the next tag cleanup, which I ...


I'm all for disambiguation, but I've seen and rejected many of your edits this morning already. If you're going to fix the tags of a question, fix the entire question while you're at it. For example: http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/8381288 doesn't even have java code - in fact, the question barely suggests anything related to java other ...


I've retagged the two questions with the offending tag.


There are two new tag synonyms that map fedex-api and fedex-shipping to fedex. They were both created yesterday by Robert Harvey.


Okay, something needs to be done about this. I suggest: Step One: Burninate bootstrap. Retag with twitter-bootstrap, statistics-bootstrap or bootstrapping. Step Two: Apply BAR's answer: I believe the tag should be: bootstrap-framework And components of the framework should follow suit: bootstrap-framework-xxx Or bring some consistency ...


I retagged and generally cleaned up all the xmldsig questions, so this is done.


I feel the meaning of protection should be changed to refer to just the document related one, and the security related stuff retagged to one of the given alternatives. If someone has a better suggestion for the lock-my-document concept's name, please post a comment or answer!

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