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I see no evidence of real confusion or ambiguity here. Yes, less is also the name of a Unix command; that's mostly irrelevant here. IDE means something else in other contexts too, but the ide tag is still clear. In the context of Stack Overflow, less refers to a language for generating CSS. We don't need awkward tags to clarify that; it's already obvious. ...


I propose we make n-tier a synonym that points to n-tier-architecture.


Disclaimer: I follow the less tag only because of its usage for questions about Less the CSS pre-processor and hence my views could be a bit biased even though I have tried my best not to be. I can see that Shog9 and seven-phases-max have already provided their suggestions/views on this topic (and there seems to be a lot more people agreeing with Shog's ...


Most of the vendor tag uses refer to the directory name of the PHP dependency manager (Composer). Vendor also is another name for 3rd party packages/dependencies. As such, I believe it should be removed completely. Imo, there is no need for retagging. I'm also against introducing symfony-vendors or composer-php-vendors. Nobody would want to watch a specific ...


Retag of bam to biztalk-bam complete. Retag to wso2bam complete. BAM with SAMTools or bioinformatics is actually a reference to binary version of the SAM file (nothing to do with Business Activity Monitoring). Removed tag. BAM with Oracle retag to new tag oracle-bam complete


Spartan was the dev project name, it now has an official product name: Edge. Well, that's taken, retag them to [microsoft-edge].


This has been completed. uidynamics is a now a synonym of uikit-dynamics.


Edit: fortunately I don't need any "answer" anymore since the answers above are enough to cool down all that retagophilia. (Not deleting this though to keep its comments).


I agree that [bus] is too broad to be a useful tag. While all the types of questions listed, except Matlab, are about some sort of bus (as observed), it's a pretty useless tag to filter something by. 'Show me all the "bus" questions because I'm good at that'... said no-one. Similarly, 'don't show me questions that have the "bus" tag because I can't ...


I have merged all the DMX questions into dmx512. All but one were about that standard. There was one question about data mining and it turns out we already have a tag, dmx-ssas.


These tags have been merged or merginated (if that's a word). automated-tests will be the primary tag now as it already had more posts tagged with it.

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