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Actually this is in place. You can (and should) delete lazy duplicates that do not improve the wealth of keywords to help people to find the canonical question easily. This is even said in the blog: Having dozens and dozens of variations of the same question is clearly bad. If you find a question that has more than 10 duplicates... it probably ...


From SO What is Reputation "Reputation is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you". According to this definition in my answer I am focusing on meaning of trust and not meaning of the word "reputation". I also try to explain how the current system is (re)creating the advantage, why it is not perfect for measuring trust level, why the time ...


Single handed moderation privileges are limited to those elected, and those who have through earning a gold badge shown they are at least dedicated to their tag. The only thing that user can do now that they couldn't before, without getting agreement from other members, is edit. Edits bump posts in the active queue and if such a user (or, well, any user) ...


Yes, we still process swag requests for users who hit the 100,000 mark and the 250,000 mark. Assuming you have a valid email address on your profile and you are opted in to receiving emails from us, you should get an automated email within a week of hitting the reputation threshold. If not, check your spam folder and make sure it didn't end up there. If you ...


I would say don't down-vote a question which is a duplicate unless the question was very obvious. This is very debatable but what I am saying is: if a user posts a question without research or at least a google then it deserves down-votes. But if a question was asked and it has a duplicate which is not exactly the same question but something similar (which ...


I felt bad and angry. You are taking downvotes too personally. A downvote means, and I quote: "This question does not show any research effort. It is unclear or not useful" And nothing more then that. It's not an attack on you as a user, and it's not a personal insult. It's our form of quality control here. Isn't marking a question as duplicate ...


It still seems to be a thing. I hit 100k rep three weeks ago (weekend of March 26th-27th) and received an email on Monday the 28th asking for my address to send me stuff. I haven't gotten anything yet, but it hasn't been 6-8 weeks yet :)


Got The Package when I reached my 100k ~6 months ago. As far as I remember, the email arrived within a few days after reaching the threshold.


TL;DR: I received one a "long" time ago, and I can confirm it was "6 to 8 weeks" after I went over 100k. I cannot check when I first hit the 100k mark, but I received an email from a stackoverflow employee in September 2014 about it, and it may have taken a couple months before I finally got it... but get it I did. The process seemed very manual though; ...


As far as I know, no. I received no email and no package.


Serial Downvote script works fine It is, however, intensely annoying that the script merely reveses the downvote actions. The perp will get back the rep it spent on revenge. Please stop giving the perps their rep back! They don't deserve it. To my experience these users are low rep users so I do not think it's a good idea to take away any reputation ...


The current system works exactly as it should. Real answers are serious - you make a claim, and the community will judge you for it. Answers in comments, on the other hand, are fleeting thoughts, "try this"-type advice, ideas that you aren't quite sure about or don't want to take responsibility for (like in an answer, where you could be called out or ...


Just like on Facebook Noooooooo. Stack Overflow is not designed to be Facebook-like. Comments are temporary and can be removed at any point. If a question is answered in the comments there are two possible solutions: The comment, and probably entire comment thread, should be condensed into a real answer and posted as such The question should be ...


Added commas to title in comments and on the user info hover. With you in the next build.


Yep. With a tooltip we don't have as much of a spacing constraint as when showing things directly on the page.


As confirmed by a moderator in comments, the user deleted their original question and then asked a new identically worded question. The deletion of the original question meant that the rep you gained from editing it was reverted.


Reputation gained from a question or an answer to a question is lost when it is deleted, yes. When you delete a question, you will also get the reputation back that you lost on downvote, but not immideatly, instead you get it when the next recalc is triggered. Usually that happens within an hour. Note that reputation lost (from Upvotes) for deleted ...


If you tick the "show removed posts" checkbox in the reputation tab of your profile (at the bottom of the page), you will see that a user was removed around that time, with their posts. All associated reputation given from this user has gone.

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