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Treat every encounter as a new instance. Assume nothing and go from there. There are some people who have or had 1 reputation which I felt were pretty brilliant, simply from the question or answer that they had posted. There are some people who have substantially more - on the order of 10K or more - who I felt really shouldn't be let near a computer based ...


Nope. You can only see what you already have the link to.


As @user0001 pointed out in the comments, this is not disclosed. The reason that it is not disclosed, is to prevent people from gaming the system; doing just enough to get the ban lifted, or being just good enough to stay on the good side of a ban. From Meta StackExchange: If you are banned from asking questions, then writing a few quality answers that ...


When judging a question (is it clear, answerable) or an answer (is it correct, relevant for the question) I generally read the text before looking for the writer and its rep. The only exception is the list of interisting/recent questions where I tend to skip questions asked by 1 rep user when I cannot understand the title. I try hard to stick to that rule, ...


Reputation SHOULD influence decision making - that is the whole point of it. I find your concerns valid but they are only the down side of a good thing.

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