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isn't their any thing we can do to improve our reputation system so that it is more meaningful ? Sure. Tons of things. To the extent that this is a game, there are endless ways to tweak the rules to change the reward structure. But that's missing the point. Keeping score is a bit of fun, and for new users it's a useful tool for controlling access to ...


It happens. More often than you think, too. There are a number of reasons why your answer doesn't get upvoted: It's incomplete (it touches on the problem, but doesn't really explain things) A better answer exists on the question The potential upvoters lost their internet connection just as they were going to look at your answer The Earth moves towards ...


Most likely the user posted that as an answer and the system, noting that it was short and a link to a Stack Exchange site, auto-converted it to a comment.


I was a very high rep user for a few years then practically stopped contributing overnight. Here's why.... I am the sort of person that is focused on becoming very good at something. I'll practice every day, read up about it, try to find new approaches, and always try to optimize my abilities. StackOverflow is just one example of this. Other examples over ...

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