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You cannot go below 1. Ever. There is no deficit either – you cannot lose reputation beyond one and nothing keeps score to deduct it later. We don't kick people when they are down nor do we save the kicks for when they get up again.


Yes, when an answer that you downvoted is deleted the reputation is refunded (and the vote too if on the same voting day). When you show removed posts (at the bottom of your reputation page you will see a check box:) in your reputation history you will see something like:


Another answer has already given a thorough breakdown of your case specifically, but I'd just like to address your notion of "trivial rep". I have currently have two answers that have over 100 upvotes, but those are hardly my best answers. Massive piles of upvotes are enabled in large part by the domain of the question rather than purely the quality of the ...


Is there a daily cap on how negative your rep can go? Other than the hard minimum reputation of 1, I'm not aware of any daily limits for rep loss. If there is one, then us deleting sock puppets gladly ignores this limit. Is there a badge for this? Badges are there to reward good behavior (or as a consolation prize for something that is out of your ...


If I delete my answer, will it affect my reputation ? Yes, you'll gain back the rep lost from the downvotes, and lose the rep from any upvotes. Well, if you don't do that frequently it might not do any harm deleting your downvoted answers (as I have experienced at least). If you have a lot of downvoted answers and just try to get rid of them by ...


The top 20 answerers in java over the past thirty days (who, by definition, all had a good month) have, at the time of writing, a total of 3546 upvotes in a total of 1703 answers – an average of 2.08 upvotes per answer. According to your profile, you have 107 upvotes for 118 non-wiki answers in java (see the hover popup) – an average of 0.91 upvotes per ...


Flag one of the posts involved and explain in the Other flag dialog your suspicions. A moderator will then investigate. There is no point in posting this on Meta though. We cannot see what moderators can see. You certainly found something a little suspicious but you need to see what other correlations there are in information not made public. However, if ...


You have 6 accepted answers today, making you eligible for 200 + 15 * 6 == 290 reputation points, overall.


The change is the change in rank, not the change in reputation.


Lets take the following two scenarios: New user Foo adds a badly formatted question and forgets to include the error message. They receive 2 down-votes in quick succession, and a comment asking for the error. Foo realises their mistake and add in the error message and clean up some other errors in the post. They now receive 1 up-vote since now they have a ...


You do get reputation for approved suggested edits; if you have less than 2000 reputation (and thus lack the editing privilege), you get 2 points, with a lifetime maximum of 1000, for each suggestion you make that's approved. Beyond that, there are some badges that you can earn for doing a certain number of edits. For myself, the main reason I edit -- and ...


What are the current incentives of editing a post on Stack overflow? You get to be a part of making questions and answers useful, readable, and so valuable, which may well help a lot of other people. You get a sense of satisfaction that you are contributing and giving back from the questions and help you have had. Oh, yeah, and I suppose it's worth ...


Anyone with less than 2k rep at the time of editing will receive +2 rep upon acceptance. And, of course, many just dislike seeing questions with glaring flaws of various sorts, or that could be much more answerable with a few tweaks.


I suppose the question about whether this should be done can be considered more generically, rather than on a per-privilege basis: Of all the users that this would affect (i.e. users with current privileges that would lose them in the change), how many of them are actively making using to the feature the privilege unlocks? Then, of all those users that it ...


Maybe it is unfair, but life isn't fair. And in my opinion, this current system is actually fair. Consider how those voting patterns you mentioned may pan out: User get 3 downvotes and after a upvote: This upvote at the end might be because of a clarifying edit. And we want to reward good improvements to any post. User get 1 upvote and after 3 ...


That change is the change in rank not reputation. The reputation change for the week is under "Week Reputation" on the right.

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