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I sympathize with the curiosity that would lead to this request, but I suspect if this were made visible then it would be too easy in some cases to determine how a specific person voted. Even though their account is gone, votes are still anonymous; potentially leaking this information could lead to problems.


I'm not so convinced that the answer here is the problem. 1 Your question is explaining a certain problem in only textual form, with a single link to documentation. Personally I don't find it a very clear problem statement or what you actually want as an answer. If I run into that same problem in my own code implementation I would have to link your text to ...


You can see a simulation of the reputation you would have if SO Meta actually tracked it by checking this Virtual Meta Rep query. It doesn't include tag wiki suggestions, the +2 from accepting answers, the -1 penalty from downvoting someone else's answer, the 1-rep floor, or the daily rep cap, so it's not totally accurate, but it's fairly close for most of ...


Per How do suggested edits work? When a suggested edit is approved, the user who suggested it gets +2 reputation. The regular daily reputation cap applies, and the total cap for reputation gained via suggested edits is 1,000. Like any other reputation, the +2 is reversed if the edited post is ever deleted. Given that you've had 550 edit suggestions ...


On Stack Overflow, there are badges that are awarded after earning particular reputation, do these badges exist on meta and how are they awarded? Yes they do exist. At the time of writing 4 users have the Legendary badge on meta for earning 200 daily reputation 150 times and 16 have Epic for hitting this 50 times. There is no official way of ...


That's what Bounties are for! From the help docs A bounty is a special reputation award given to answers. It is funded by the personal reputation of the user who offers it, and is non-refundable. If you see a question that has not gotten a satisfactory answer, a bounty may help attract more attention and more answers. Slice off anywhere from +50 ...


Any rep gained is just temporary. Migrated questions get automatically deleted from the source site after some period (I think 30 days) and the effects of any reputation gained or lost by that question will be removed then (as normal for deleted posts).


There is no SO Meta reputation. Questions asked and answered on Meta SO do not earn or lose reputation, so the reputation here is exactly the same as the reputation you have on SO itself. Votes on questions and answers on Meta SO do not affect reputation in any way.


How to check total Stack Overflow META reputations? As Ken notes, meta does not affect reputation in anyway (positively or negatively). Instead, meta reputation is just synced with your SO reputation every so often. In Stack Overflow, Badges are awarded ... in META do we have such process? Yes badges are awarded on meta. They are earned ...


As Answered by @animuson and I quote: You actually lose reputation for suggested edits where the user removed was the final approver of the edit, because their user ID gets recorded on the "vote" which gives you the reputation. It doesn't revert all reputation you've gained from suggested edits on the users' posts. This doesn't affect badges. ...


You had previously downvoted an answer, and that answer has now been removed, so you get the 1 reputation back from the downvote, but the removal doesn't get calculated into the reputation change. So there was a change of -1 that you probably never cleared as it doesn't give you notifications of negative changes, then you had a change of +2 for the edit, ...


There is a reason why you need to have some rep to vote up, and there is also a reason why that count is very low. We don't need a way to bypass that, the system is working well.


There was such a feature, which provided some feedback on what anonymous users found helpful. I think it was discontinued, and I'm not sure what was learned from it.


Either someone reversed their upvote, or the upvoter was banned/deleted. Those are the only two ways you can lose 10 points in one shot. That would also explain why you lost 10 points without a trace of what happened.

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