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That’s your change in rank. Last year, the reputation you earned that year was the 125,902nd-highest. This year, you’ve earned 968 reputation points, placing you in 6,233rd place.


The value is determined as follows: For each of the rankings, take your position, then convert that position to a percentage for all users that qualify (only users with 200 points or more and with a positive reputation change in that period are listed in the rankings). The highest percentage is then shown on your profile, rounded up to a sensible number. ...


Go to to the main site -> Users -> weekly / monthly / quarterly reputation leagues (At the bottom of the page) Choose at the top which scale you want. (Week/Month/Quater/Year/All Time) If you want to know what is your position choose "X Rank". (X = scale you selected.) if you want to know how you changed choose "Rank Change". I believe "Total Reputation" is ...


The Change is actually the shift in rank, or movement of the player up or down the leaderboard from last time. For eg, if my rank was 7000 last week, and it's 2000 this week, my change or movement would be +5000. Now, Since my change would be +5000, I would be seen as on a hot streak. People would come to like me, start accepting my answers even more, even ...

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