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The reputation leagues, which is what that ranking is for, keep track of your total reputation changes for certain periods of time: All-time, Year, Quarter, Month, and Week. Let's say you had gained 300 rep so far this year. You then placed a 50 rep bounty, making your total rep change thus far in the year 250. This drop in your total change therefore puts ...


The value is determined as follows: For each of the rankings, take your position, then convert that position to a percentage for all users that qualify (only users with 200 points or more and with a positive reputation change in that period are listed in the rankings). The highest percentage is then shown on your profile, rounded up to a sensible number. ...


The change is the change in rank, not the change in reputation.


Stack Overflow is gamified enough as-is. Regarding this specific proposal, I think the primary effect of a leaderboard for recent contributions would be to encourage answering obvious duplicate questions instead of closing them.


From what I've observed, it's first person wins. It makes perfect sense from a ranking standpoint, and it's also what I've observed anecdotally from events such as Winter Bash. If you're the first person to some arbitrary reputation value, then your name would appear first in the list. Whomever else reached that arbitrary reputation value after you would ...


That’s your change in rank. Last year, the reputation you earned that year was the 125,902nd-highest. This year, you’ve earned 968 reputation points, placing you in 6,233rd place.


The leaderboards only update once a day. Based on the following MSE answer, this happens at UTC 00:00: StackOverflow user leagues reputation doesn't match The reputation numbers shown on MSO are also delayed. I believe they update once every hour. Source: SO reputation is different from MSO reputation Even though that is probably not what you're ...


I just realized that this question was already asked on Meta Stack Exchange as SO reputation league rankings for same score. The answer of Emmet was: The tie-breaking behavior is currently undefined. I don't think we ever gave it much thought, so this is subject to change in the future. Stack Exchange and all its sub-sites are obviously based on ASP....


While upvotes can give you a max reputation of 200, accepted answers (+15) and bounties (+X) are not limited. For example, if you have 30 upvotes, 5 accepted answers and awarded a bounty of 50, your reputation will be: (20 * 10) + (5 * 15) + 50 = 325


You'll have to do the math for this yourself, but here's how you can find the numbers you'll need. Currently, there's no built-in way to find the percentage. Click the "top 27% overall" link on your profile, and you'll go to the rep leagues. Scroll to the top and you'll find navigation tabs. Click the "Weekly" tab. Locate the search box and type your ...


You're confusing "Rank Change" with "Reputation Change" in this case. What you're seeing in the default sort is users ordered by how much reputation they received. In this case, 57 users this quarter have gained 5,000 rep or more. This is easily confirmed by finding the rank 57 user for the quarter, and noting they are (currently) the last user with more ...


That change is the change in rank not reputation. The reputation change for the week is under "Week Reputation" on the right.


Go to to the main site -> Users -> weekly / monthly / quarterly reputation leagues (At the bottom of the page) Choose at the top which scale you want. (Week/Month/Quater/Year/All Time) If you want to know what is your position choose "X Rank". (X = scale you selected.) if you want to know how you changed choose "Rank Change". I believe "Total Reputation" is ...


The Change is actually the shift in rank, or movement of the player up or down the leaderboard from last time. For eg, if my rank was 7000 last week, and it's 2000 this week, my change or movement would be +5000. Now, Since my change would be +5000, I would be seen as on a hot streak. People would come to like me, start accepting my answers even more, even ...

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