A reputation audit is a readout of all of your sources of reputation change, from day one. It is accessed by going to "/reputation" for the site.

Warning: This feature is no longer maintained. Information on the page is not guaranteed accurate and should not be taken as fact.

A reputation audit gives you the correct readout of your reputation. The displayed value next to your username is denormalized, and it does not update to reflect certain events such as user deletion or post deletion. Reading the audit will show you how much reputation all of your currently existing contributions and earned votes will provide.

The value shown in your reputation audit is your true reputation.

See this Meta question for a complete breakdown, but in rough, visiting the /reputation page will give you the following information.

  • How many votes have been cast to affect your reputation.
  • Any sources of bonus reputation, such as account association.
  • A three-column representation of some event.
    • The first column indicates what kind of event (such as 2 is upvote, 3 is downvote)
    • The second column indicates the ID of the post where the event occured
    • The third column indicates the reputation change from the event, positive or negative. Numbers in square brackets [] indicate that you had hit the reputation cap for that day, thus altering how much reputation you may normally earn.
  • A daily summary of how much reputation change occured for the given day.
  • A total summary of your reputation earned for the current week, month, quarter, year, and overall.
  • Days of activity
  • How many times you have exceeded and reached the reputation cap.

Copied from: http://meta.stackexchange.com/tags/google-chrome/info

One cannot preform a reputation audit on meat's /reputation page as meta reputation is based entirely upon the parent site's reputation.

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