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The reviewer (Rudi, listed just above Community User) used the Reject and Edit button; but to reject your edit Community User has to step in to cast a moderator vote (a veto vote) as a single reviewer cannot on their own reject a suggested edit otherwise. This is an automatic consequence of the reviewer picking that specific option. Rudi then edited the post ...


Without looking too deeply into it, you have changed some of the code in the Question, When you change code in a question, especially a question about an error message, you run the risk of changing or fixing the issue that's giving the OP trouble. For some people, that's an automatic reject.


I think I see what you're trying to do with that edit -- rearranging the existing text to make the question clearer. Moving the description of the error to the beginning of the question was definitely a good idea, as was removing the sign-off/thanks bit. The final paragraph in your proposal is a problem, however; you've removed some of the OP's code and ...


This has now been implemented. Each suggested edit should be listed as one of approved, rejected, or pending.


Answer edits considered harmful. There's a reason to edit a question: help the asker get a good answer, which makes people happier all around (and the site's content gets better). Posting a better question of your own would improve the site's content, but doesn't help the asker. If you think an answer is not good enough, though... just post your own. You ...


Agree with what Deduplicator said, for the most part, but i'd like to add that that kind of edit is valuable. However, when editing code, always always always say exactly what and why you are changing it in the edit summary. There's plenty of room in there - use it! If you do, reviewers who are actually paying attention are more likely to approve it.


While one can correct obvious typos even in code (at least if it is either in an answer or obviously not part of the problem), doing so is error-prone, and likely to be rejected. Iff you think it is obvious enough, and you provide a concise but thorough edit-summary, you might try it (though don't be too disappointed if reviewers disagree). A comment is ...


Typo's like that could actually be the cause of the OP's problem. Don't "fix" typo's in an OP's code and don't add missing code. You can only really help the OP with those by making him aware of the issue (In a comment), so he can fix those problems with the question, himself. However, if there's an typo in the description / question, feel free to correct ...


Go to your profile -> activity -> reviews, open an edit you reviewed, and check your reviewer stats. :) Kampai has approved 37 edit suggestions and rejected 44 edit suggestions


A bit of background information to complement Martijn's answer, since a lot of the details behind this are scattered across the meta sites: Until recently, the edit-ban system completely ignored rejections by Community; since edit conflicts could trigger such rejections, using those made it extremely likely that folks editing new posts would be banned for ...


There are (at least) two different reasons why Community User is blamed for an suggested edit rejection: The edit conflicted; someone else also edited the post, but their edit applied directly. This usually happens when both you and someone with 2k+ reputation opened the post editor around the same time. A suggested edit is rejected automatically in that ...

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