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The reviewer chose to Reject and Edit option, discarding your suggested edit and then 'improved' the post directly. Using this option is a bit like a veto vote; just the one reviewer caused your edit to be rejected. I'm actually quite puzzled the reviewer did this, as their edit is not better than yours. Your edit was substantially better, and I have ...


When looking at the diff in "rendered output" mode, at first sight it looks like you added a lot of text. Unless people notice the horizontal scrollbar in the output for the original version, it's not obvious that the content was all there, in enormously long lines: The reviewers who rejected your edit most likely thought that you added all this text, ...


I'm gonna direct you to an answer by psubsee2003 on a related question: Whenever possible, be detailed in your revision notes - the more extensive they are, the more reviewers have to go on when trying to decide what you're doing... And why you're doing it. It's also worth noting that edit reviewers don't see the comments on the post being ...


Titles should be edited if necessary to best match the question. It's common for questions to have titles that are either much too general, or just don't describe the question very well. Editing those titles is of course very useful. The opposite situation where titles are more specific than the body of the question does not seem as widespread to me. But ...


When you suggest an edit on a post, the original author gets notified, with a link to the suggested edit. It is entirely possible that they just wanted to reject the edit and cared not about the proper reason.


Yes. See X-Y problem, where Y is a superset of X. I have done this a couple of times and been approved.

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