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This assumes by "reply", you are referring to commenting on existing questions or answers. If your question is requesting clarification on the post in its current form, you may reply with comments whenever you please. I regularly get notifications of comments on answers several years old, requesting clarification updates etc. This is often really helpful, ...


Some time ago on some forum there was a question: What does it mean when the second line on pregnancy test is only slightly visible? When such question is one year old you may assume that this women already knows an answer and dosn't need it from you. But still such answer may be useful for other that will search for such question and will find such ...


On other people's questions, you can find the "Start a Bounty" button underneath the "Add a Comment" button: As ProgramFOX mentioned in the comments, this won't appear until the question is at least 2 days old.


I have some questions about the logic of a program that I am coding, my questions is not about pattern or code, but program design and algorithm. According to Programmers Stack Exchange, the site's goals and objectives are (from Help → Take the tour...): Programmers Stack Exchange is [for ... people] who are interested in getting expert answers on ...


The relevant docs are in the review queue itself: If any of that isn't clear, please post a question here and I'll see what I can do to make those instructions more useful. I elaborated a bit on my personal theory in my answer to Triage gray areas - what should we do when the question is borderline?: ...we look for things that might make questions ...


When I glance over that question, I also would flag to close it as "Primarily Opinion Based." Without discussing the contents in depth, take a look at what the actual question is: What is the point of this problem? That is the last line of the question. It's true that the book probably won't ask an opinion-based question. But the question that the OP ...


The question was never voted on at all, so a single downvote would get it cleaned up soon. See: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year?


Prevention is better than cure. If you search for duplicates before posting, and find some near duplucates but conclude that your question will be unique, don't just post your question as you originally formulated it. Refer to those near duplicates, explaining why your question is not a duplicate of those other questions.

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