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I would vote to close as Unclear, Too Broad or Opinion-based. "Please review my design" is all of the above. It doesn't pose a specific question.


In the general case where a question has a lot of off-topic rambling, edit the question to remove the extraneous content. In the case where a question has way too much code, vote to close it as not having a short self-contained example that demonstrates the problem. In this case, the question is fine. Be less lazy and read it. There is really very little ...


You have a lot of code there. I wouldn't expect most of that to be necessary to reproduce your problem. Remove as much of it as you can while still having an example that reproduces your problem. Then with your explanation, remove as much as you can get away with. If it's not giving me useful information that I would need to create an answer, omit it. ...

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