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I really like Mike M.'s idea to switch to hexadecimal numbers. I must say it looks really cool and it will confuse many people for sure. (That makes it even cooler). But the coolest thing about it is that you have to use a calculator if you are really interested in the number of asked questions. (Of course you can do it in your head but you have to be really ...


You can vote to close it as "unclear what you're asking" if the scope is ill-defined, or "too broad" if the question is decidedly so. Prompt the questioner to add specifics as appropriate. Such a question can be valid provided the asker has demonstrated research effort, the question is narrowed down enough and the subject matter is on-topic for our site.


The part of the question that makes the biggest difference for me is whether the user is asking for help understanding a topic or a specific resource. I love questions that say "I have read through resources X, Y, and Z, but still don't understand this concept". Those usually get an upvote from me, provided they're formulated well. If the question is ...


It's not a question of whether it's on topic, it's a question of scope. Writing an entire tutorial on a topic is generally going to be "Too Broad" for an SO question. If you want to write a tutorial on a topic that's great, SO probably just isn't the correct place to host that tutorial.


The questioner should indicate which portion of the topic he already understands and which not. Otherwise it's not clear from which point the answer should start. I would refuse to answer "please explain X to me" type questions unless the questioner also mentions specific points he/she doesn't understand. If this is clear and you don't think the answer ...


You have misunderstood what that counter means. Given your 15k reputation, you have up to 10 delete votes a day (5 default plus 1 each for the 5k over 10k); e.g. you can vote on 10 different posts to delete. The counter you see is telling you how many of those delete votes you have left, not how many votes are still to be cast to delete that post.


Maybe knowing the exact number of questions isn't important...what is important is that there is a lot of them.... as such I propose we just say that the number of questions is over nine thousand. ;-)


First part, what the editor should have done. If you change a question, there are broadly two valid cases: You clarify it (either as the OP, or using info he left in comments), such that it becomes unambiguously answerable. In that case, it is not neccessary to preserve the validity of any answers, though you should not go out of your way to make a guess ...


It's a 1 line CSS fix.. As Robert Harvey said, "I think we should wait 'till it breaks, just for the lulz. ". Or at 9.9 million shrink the font size and no lulz.


Explain X to me is no more different than Why this code works/does not work?. Your reaction should depend on whether additional information is included in the question, i.e. whether any research was made prior to posting this question. I would argue that including links in the question constitutes research. You can google for your key phrase and include top ...


It's a bit silly, but


It is in UTC. It is not possible to get the local time of the person who asked the question; to the best of my knowledge, Stack Overflow doesn’t have that information.


The fact of the matter is not that the question has or doesn't have merit. It's more that SO is NOT MADE for opinion based or very broad questions. Asking for a design strategy or something similar is bound to explode with "well this way is better than this way", "I would use tool X because tool Y has this flaw", and similar stuff that is VERY opinion based. ...


No, there is currently no way to do this. And you should not post exact duplicates of a question on different sites as that "is considered abusive behavior".


This question would be on-topic on Software Recommendations (a StackExchange beta QA site). Questions that are welcome: Libraries (with the tag library) IDEs, tools, standalone programs Web services (WSDL, REST APIs, etc) Web applications Please note that rules are very strict over there: Questions are required to explain all requirements if fine ...


Do you have any Favorite Tags set already? Questions containing one of your fav tags will be highlighted on the main incoming queues. Also you may add Ignored Tags to have questions lowlighted at those queues. Another technique is to work with a single tag or the intags:mine filter of your primary interest. See my answer here for details.


They're ordered by time to bounty expiring (ascending).

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