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It depends on what you want to ask about them. If you find a library that supports them and you have a specific question about how to utilize it or solve an error you're encountering while trying to use it, then you would ask it exactly like any other SO question: describe your goal, observed results, and how they differ from your expected results, and share ...


Proposal as per the comments, Burninate the edm tag Re-tag those that are .net Entity Data Model questions to ado.net-entity-data-model


As @rene said in the comments: If you really feel a question needs some more urgency to gets closed (maybe because they are asked in a low-traffic tag) feel free to drop a [tag:cv-pls] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30296314/semi-transparent-box-with-html-css in the SO Close Vote reviewers chat room.


Reputation isn't indicative of a person's ability to ask a good question. I've seen some 10K+ users ask some seriously terrible questions here, and I've seen a new user ask a brilliant one. Not just that, but people will upvote (or not upvote) a question for any reason you could imagine. All questions are seen as equal to the system, so there's nothing ...


Such a question isn't technically off topic in chat, but then again they may or may not feel like actually answering such a question, depending on what room you ask in and who's there at the time. A question like that isn't on topic on any of the main sites.


When you mark an answer as accepted, the owner of that answer gets +15 reputation points. Those are indeed taken away if you unaccept their answer. If you choose a different answer to accept, then that other user will get the +15. You shouldn't really take that into account though if the answer has a problem. We don't want incorrect answers sticking at the ...


From List of all badges with full descriptions. "Any open question that is not deleted and has a of score >= 1 is considered well-received" It explains the formula as well. The wording may have been changed, but AFAIU the requirements haven't.


When an answer is deleted it is soft deleted; users with 10k or more reputation as well as moderators can still see the answer. As such a lot of users can see if a post was deleted and why. In this case the post was deleted from the Low Quality review queue, undeleted by the author, then deleted again by a moderator.


Since edits bump questions to the top of the list, there's no real reason not to edit to clarify what you're trying to get at. There are no answers to invalidate, either. Edit your question so that it asks what you intended in the first place, or what you should have intended, as the case may be. You can also add a bounty if the simple bumping proves ...


However, if someone provides concrete, clear parameters, like the speed of the tool, or the size of the book, should the question be marked as off-topic too? Yes. concrete or not, it's still off-topic for Stack Overflow as it's still asking for "recommendation for a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource" regardless of the ...


No, this isn't a very good idea. Putting unrelated details into your answer means that searchers and other people, who are just looking for information about string immutability, have to read through those details. That's going to be a waste of their time, at best. (It might even annoy some of them enough to cast a downvote.) A better idea, if you have ...


I sense two slightly different aspects in your question. Exposure Yes, it seems possible that new users get some additional exposure for their questions in the Triage queue, and may pick up upvotes this way that they might otherwise not get. If you think that new users getting this advantage over experienced users is unfair, that seems like a valid ...


You can definitely ask about stuff you've read that you don't understand on Stack Overflow. The determining factor is whether the topic fits. Stack Overflow is by and large about coding: sitting at the keyboard, writing a program. For higher-level "whiteboard" subjects, there's Programmers.SE. I would say that there is likely to be a better site in the ...


In addition to posting the question in the CV reviewers chat room: Make sure to downvote the question too. You do not lose rep for downvoting questions. Questions will be automagically deleted when: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked Questions that are as bad as these ...

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