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You have given an answer, that though is a solution to the question, if used is actively harmful, in that it opens up the OP to security problems. As such, it was downvoted. That's absolutely right and fair. If I see an answer promoting bad practices, I will downvote it. So should you.


Alternatively to DavidG's answer, I propose renaming advanced filters to Hide questions with answers Hide questions from users with reputation < ... Hide questions with score < ... I prefer it because Current Show is extremely confusing. @DavidG's Only show is longer. And people don't like to read. There is already a Hide advanced filter. And it's ...


I would like the ability to filter out answered questions as well, because the Unanswered questions page currently shows all questions that don't have an accepted answer. e.g. I want to be able to see only questions that have zero answers, accepted or otherwise.


From the perspective of a user, that can seem confusing because it requires understanding the difference between: - recommended questions - interesting questions - featured questions - hot questions What do these mean? And then there are advanced filters, a textbox for tags, more options with recent/needs answer/hot. Just seems like a lot of stuff. ...


I love it. http://stackoverflow.com/?tab=recommended&subtab=recent&minRep=100&minScore=1 shows me tags I prefer, and questions I really like. I see I should go back the current view to be fair to new users who do post good questions. But this is awesome. Only let the old view be there in some easy to get way. To be fair. Or tell us how we can use ...

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