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My take on it is that if the avatar is not directly insulting or attacking another, it's not for us to moderate. In the example above, it is advocating something positive for a particular group of people. I understand that there is an implied criticism of another group in this, but as long as someone is not explicitly being called out, I don't think it is ...


The feature is called the extended usercard and is earned with the Established User privilege. Simply get 1.000 points or more. Not all users with reputation > 1000 have one because they don't have enough text in their About Me section, or they explicitly disabled it. From the privilege help info: An expanded usercard is only available if there are at ...


Because if they were allowed, this would be my avatar on all sites:


In response to the recent (and current) hitler and swastika avatar spam, there is nothing more I could say to this than simply: yes. There is no hindering downside to this. Please make it happen asap. I'm sick of trolls being able to spam us so easily.


You are using YOPmail as your email account. We recently had a very nasty troll hijack chat with really offensive images; the troll accounts were created via TOR exit nodes to circumvent IP blocks, and used YOPmail as the required email account to automate signup. Even though their accounts had only 1 reputation point, they then joined many chatrooms as ...


I'm all for this or something similar - I've already made two somewhat related requests regarding access control for chat users: Room owners should be allowed to accept <20 rep users to talk in a room Allow room owners to suspend users from a chat room Another possible option (that I'd imagine should be quite easy to do) is just make the minimum join ...


I think the following: they are allowed they are not formally discouraged I also think the following: they should be allowed they should be formally discouraged As for whether πάντα's avatar is also inflammatory because it has "religious" overtones, no, of course not. We can safely apply that thing called common sense here. The avatar in the OP takes ...


I don't think this is an efficient solution to the problem. While it doesn't really inconvenience new users, I think adding this distinction could be confusing. A much simpler solution would be to simply not show the avatars of users that don't have enough rep to write in chat. That way the malicious users would have to gather enough rep for each sock, ...


Our terms of service (Section 4 - Restrictions) on this are quite clear: Under no circumstances will Subscriber use the Network or the Service to (a) send unsolicited e-mails, bulk mail, spam or other materials to users of the Network or any other individual, (b) harass, threaten, stalk or abuse any person or party, including other users of the Network, (...


This is intentional, but is not related to "hats". We now support applying changes to individual sites or to the entire network, via the "Save changes just for this community" vs "Save and copy changes to all Stack Exchange communities". It was decided that with this feature, it is clearer if all changes (including profile images) go via this same screen. ...


Jon Clements nailed it. I changed my email address, which uses to identify the user. My face is safely out of the hands of nefarious hackers (or maybe not!).


Reproduced for your 24x24 thumbnail image: The rest of the image sizes usually used by Stack Overflow are fine: This is a known Imgur bug where the rescale for one of the sizes failed. Just reupload your avatar to clear it.


It doesn't bother me; and my take on this is that this person can put their opinion in their avatar / name the same way I can put a screenshot from my favorite game in mine - also an opinion. Arbitrarily (essentially) disallowing opinion-based avatars simply because the topic is politics instead of, e.g. anime, only furthers a cultural trend towards being ...


Yeah, so... That page isn't even close to being done. There's a setting to control visibility, and... somehow it got set to the wrong thing. On the one site that gets the most traffic. For a brief moment, we thought maybe no one noticed. Sorry for doubting you! It's off now, and will stay off until it's actually somewhere near done - and then it'll be ...


Judging by the fatigues, the image in question could vary easily be of two young military service men... In many countries people can join, or be drafted into, the military as young as 18 and it isn't that uncommon for them to take these kinds of pictures. A few of my friends in the service would try to snap pictures whenever they qualified to use a new "...


The images that those users use for their profile are on sites that are blocked by many workplace and school web filters: Facebook and the Google User Content CDN, which hosts images from Google accounts. Presumably, they don't show up for you because those sites are blocked and so calls to them for images will be unsuccessful.


The best answer based on comments seems to be from @MartinSmith. Since there is no quick feature to hide the "hat" from a profile, without the 'I hate hats' (which I don't) opting-out, just open the user's profile in an incognito window Which is just a right-click away..


You got it exactly the wrong way around. The user card (which is what you are describing) is part of the established user privilege, earned at 1,000 rep.


There is no record that you ever changed your profile image since you joined. Make sure you click on the Save button at the bottom of the form after you changed your profile image.


If the image is the user's avatar then all you can do is flag the post. A moderator will reset the image and message the user (if necessary). If the image is in the question then just edit it out. If it's obscene then there's no way it can be relevant to the question. If you're feeling particularly helpful then check back to see if the OP reinstated the ...


You can't change the identicon unless you change the e-mail address you have in your profile. It's derived from the e-mail address in some way (I'm assuming the algorithm is semi secret so you can't reverse engineer the address easily from the image). This means that while you'll get another image it will be random again. If you have a particular pattern ...


This is a privilege you have as an established user at 1000 rep. See the related page for more information:


"Are political profiles and/or avatars appropriate? Should they be allowed?" Of course. Why on Earth would they not be? If you're offended, don't look. We all have brains and free will. Look away or choose to ignore it. You're an adult (hopefully). We're adults (hopefully)... or at least responsible and mature enough to represent them. Besides, they're ...


If you believe that a user's profile picture is inappropriate, then flag one of the user's posts (the user profile is not directly flaggable) with the option "in need of moderator intervention", and explain to the moderator why you believe that the picture is NSFW. The moderators have the ability to change a user's profile picture.


Chat profiles automatically refresh from their parent profile occasionally, I believe at least once every 24 hours. Wait a while, and your profile picture should update on its own.


Yes you have to set this up yourself. I had the same issue trying to link my accounts and get my profile picture to sync. I contacted support and the exchange was as follows. Me: Can you please associate to my account For some reason it never ...


If you go to their chat profile (not their Stack Overflow profile), you should see something like this: The "why?" link leads to, which says If you are a new user with very little reputation, then instead of the avatar you usually have on Stack Overflow you may see the non-descript shape shown on the left. ...


Fix that chat rooms show everyone profile's image. Make it so that the profile's image show only for people with 100+ rep (100 also being related to chat room, would fit well together, create chat rooms and show avatar in all chat rooms) rather than the ability to change your profile's picture. Those under 100 would either have the same avatar or the one ...


As per @Oded I resized image to Thumbnail size 128X128 pxl, and now the image size is 12KB, and I am able to change the picture successfully. as I was aware about size it accepts upto 10MB but cant understand why it was getting failer with 9.24 MB. anyway I am great full for help by Oded.

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