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This issue has been fixed, you should now have your Careers profile linked correctly. Thanks for the report!


Yes, in the help center page for How do I search?, you can add some search operators. user:me will select only your posts. Alternatively, you can actually provide your user number. Your user number is a url parameter when you visit your profile. is:question will select only posts that are questions So a search like user:1308031 is:question (or when ...


The other ones don't show up because it would require additional UI to choose which review queue you want to track, unless you're proposing that it just always select the one nearest to completion. But then you wouldn't be able to use the tracker if you've already earned one for any queue, because it would always attempt to select one that's completed. So ...


Ironically, here is a link with the answer to that question. http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/66444/how-can-i-report-a-specific-bad-user Seems that you can use the "contact" button on the site to report the user. I don't think you can flag a downvote specifically, but maybe they made some other offenses that you could report to get their attention.


It means you are in the 9% that gained most reputation this year.


The value being shown there is the answer score. The user has asked four questions in the c tag, and their score is around 52 for questions (with any latency in that being attributable to caching). Contrast this with your own profile; you've asked ~17 questions in the c tag for a score of ~150, but you gave ~456 answers in the c tag for a score of ~657.


I don't think any action needs to be taken, or if it does then other profiles and avatars with political messages should be removed also. To address the points: It's not related to programming. It's more like taking advantage of the question answered and the publicity of S/O to send out one's personal messages. This is a general argument against all ...


"... on how I should interact with said person." You don't interact with persons here primarily (unless you meet them in chat rooms). Thus showing such comparative statistics would encourage people to keep following particular users. I don't think this would lead to anything good. Concentrate on content of posts and their quality. That's the most ...

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