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"Hidden Communities" are only hidden in the list of your network accounts in your profile. You can't hide your profile on a site entirely. So, if you hide your XYZ SE account, it won't be mentioned on your SO account profile. But your XYZ SE profile page is still public and can be retrieved by anyone or anything, including Google. If you want to anonymize ...


I wouldn't do that, since it's making the profile page look clogged without. Instead, I'd add the link to the docs in that window which appears when you hover the tag, either from the profile page or the questions page. This way the user also won't see the excess links for the tags they are probably not interested in.


You can already do this by visiting the appropriate tab, which displays the view shown by default for other users.


The idea is that without the nofollow, the Stack Overflow profile page counts as a link to the target website in Google's PageRank algorithm (and similar algorithms in other search engines). So if you are an established user, you can use that fact to improve the SEO of your website just a little bit. The threshold for this privilege is 2000 reputation, but ...


There should be a link from the wizard to this answer "Help improve this process>", or "What is this?" so people can comment/complain about it. As it was, I searched meta for 'profile and information' to find this, but that's not necessarily obvious to all users.


You had two SO accounts with separate email addresses and each one had a CV associated with it. I've removed one of the CVs and added the public URL to the one you wanted to keep.


You might want to use the Html line break tag <br> or may be add some margin-bottom?


The margin between list items is added in .post-text ul li, .wmd-preview ul li, .post-text ol li, .wmd-preview ol li { margin-bottom: .5em; } So it affects posts and previews. The bio preview is also a preview, but the bio is not a post. Either make the bio a post, or set the margin to the bio too ....


UPDATE: There were multiple Careers accounts at play here; one of them received a message and then your SO account ended up being linked to an older CV. Fix was to merge the newly linked user into your original Careers user. I'm a little confused. You've opted into the developer story beta which (during the beta period) has no effect on your CV or ...

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