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I tried to open several top profiles, including the one OP linked. They all worked for me. Whatever happened, it appears to be fixed for now.


I just noticed this problem through its symptoms, so I do not know whether this it still persists, as I don’t know how to access the current version of the interface: To add to Matt’s answer, it wasn’t clear to me at all that Pick a few tags that may interest you was about favourite tags. This lead to my favorite-tags filter for all of Stack Exchange to be ...


The questions that you have protected or unprotected isn't listed in a user profile, but you can use Stack Exchange Data Explorer to get it. I wrote a quick query to get the list. Feel free to create a feature-request asking it to be added...somewhere...at some point.


This was the box you saw: It exists to inform you of a few extra fields on your profile: If you had clicked the "get started" button, you'd have seen something like this: Followed by this: Aaand then this: These correspond to fields that are always available in your profile editor (where you code, job situation) and your site preferences ...


I really like this idea however I want to display more than one "Job". I both work and study I would like to be able to show both. I think it would look something like this.


The next build will eliminate the teams creation from the user activity timeline. We will be surfacing team actions in other ways in the long term.


Sounded exciting. So here's what I did: Go to SO home page; Click my user name; Click "Let's get started"; Fiddle around with the options, but decided I don't want to show anything from step 1 on my profile at all; Quit the wizard. At this point it told me it wouldn't bother me anymore. However, when I check my profile in an incognito tab, I see the "My ...


Oops! We were checking for existing profiles, among other conditions, before sending Careers invitations... but we missed some parenthesis and ended up with a (a && b || c). This has been fixed and pushed to production on build rev 2015.11.11.2970. Thanks for your report <3


The "All fields are optional" line at the bottom should be more readable. Right now it's a different color from the rest of the text, hidden on a darker background with poor contrast, smaller, and shoved to the bottom. It's almost as if you don't want people to realize they don't have to do this. Also, clicking the tags in this wizard doesn't add them to ...


Why can I only choose between one option of "Where do you code?" I code at work (Gupta, Java, PL/SQL) and I code in my freetime (PHP) - so how to choose two?


Thanks :) It was our way of saying thank you, while letting you know that: It was something to accomplish, however trivial, and you did it. I don't even know what to say here, but I can't seem to leave a post with only one bullet point. We really do put a lot of effort into copy that we show to users. I'm a little lost on how this is abusing the term ...


I don't really like the highlighting of questions with tags that I'm interested in after selecting interests for my profile. I'm interested in popular topics so the majority of my homepage is highlighted now and the experience feels jarring. At least its not blinking I guess.


Now, we're inviting you to join Stack Overflow Careers, a job platform with no spam and no scams, where developers are always in control. I have a careers profile and it is linked to my SO account. Why was I even shown this question? Or at least show it to me with my current job hunting status selected.


Couple of things: It would be nice if on beforehand, the "wizard" would explain where and to whom the entered information will become visible. Clicking the suggested favorite tags doesn't do anything (Chrome) I don't have my Careers profile linked to my SE account, but I do have one. Yet I did get a Careers invitation in the mail.


The "Pick a few tags that may interest you" prefills your current favourite tags if you have any, so the page looks like this; However, to me it looked like these tags were suggestions, and I was trying to click them to add them to my selection. In other words, the current UI wasn't very intuitive to me. Instead, I've have expected something like this; ...


Those tags are all the tags you have posted either a question or answer in. For example, if you ask a question with the javascript and jquery tags, those two tags will appear in that list. Note that if you click on one of those tags, it will take you to a search that will show you all the posts you have associated with those tags. If you hover over the ...

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