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I wanted to post a new bug report, then bumped into this one. I've probably encountered a milder case of the same issue: one of 2 questions of a new user got deleted. Result: Initially I thought that caching was to blame, but this thread tells me that it might be a permanent problem of partially including deleted posts in the tag percentage calculation. ...


Yes, the color matches the thing you're tracking. So tracking a gold badge gives you gold fill bar. Likewise, silver and bronze badge tracking are filled with their respective colors. Privileges are green probably because of the association with gaining reputation.


It looks like you had another account (, which doesn't exist anymore) merged into your account. This often breaks the network account list in the sidebar (that list is heavily cached.) This is almost always fixed when the cache updates itself, which it should within 24 hours. Don't worry about it.


Tag badges are tracked separately from other badges. You'll find the tracker for this in your "Reputation" box, to the left of where the badge tracker is. The gear will be next to the "Next Privilege" tracker. Click the gear and select "Track a tag badge instead" and you'll get: The tracker will automatically select the tag badge you're closest too, ...


You can see your badge progress ...clicking right most symbol on this Image and its in your profile and about your tags this Link for your profile. little hack ;) . above tag link will work for zespri only To track your next badge or any badge refer this image below Right most button is to choose next badge or any badge tracking.. see image below ...


I misplaced a } - it was supposed to be interpreted server side, but was interpreted as client side. Fixed now - build is rolling out.


You hit the reputation cap, which means you can only earn up to 200 reputation in one day from certain events. This can cause blank values in some places as you stop receiving reputation from upvotes. In this particular case, it's because you got a downvote, losing 2 reputation, and then got an upvote which regained you that 2 reputation on the same post. ...


Fix is rolled out now. Thanks for reporting it.


The culprit is .user-show-new .user-rep-chart-summary { width: calc((100% - 30px) / 2); } Probably, it should be .user-show-new .user-rep-chart-summary { width: calc(100% - 30px); }

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