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While I've found this annoying, I'm typically on the homepage filtered by my favorite tag(s) so it isn't an issue for me often. Probably not often enough to change how it works as it can be very handy if you do want to filter your posts by tag. The simplest solution I've found, when on my profile page (or anyone's really) is... If I've clicked through ...


Someone created a WordPress plugin that you can use to turn your SE posts into blog posts here: http://stackapps.com/questions/3237/stacktack-wordpress-plugin-embed-stack-exchange-questions-in-your-blog


Sounds like you want to create an SO careers profile. It has the ability to show others the SO posts of yours that you feel are notable.


To OP: You know what's happening. It is contradicting with what they stated in their non-discriminating rules, but they will not admit it. The real question is why are you still here? Your hardcore dedication to reasoning may be perfect for solving difficult C problems, but it's not a very good thing to apply to humans which they do as they feel. ...


The links at the bottom of all of the pages have always pointed to this text: Stack Exchange, Inc. does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We support ...


You seem to have helpfully pointed out, through bold text, why your argument isn't even internally consistent: You may not implicitly or explicitly assert or imply any connection with, sponsorship or endorsement by the Original Author, Licensor and/or Attribution Parties, as appropriate, of You or Your use of the Work, without the separate, express prior ...


Normally, I try to focus on what's fair, appropriate, etc. to everyone, but this question is really about legal questions, so I'll try to focus on that. Even though I'm not a lawyer, so you should get your own if you really need legal advice. :) The short version: Legally speaking, the CC-SA license does not give contributors any veto power over our name, ...


Since my comment on another question generated this question, I'll answer. First some preliminaries: I am a computational physicist, not a lawyer, so any opinions expressed on legal issues are those of a layperson. I will not discuss my personal opinion on the SCOTUS decision as I see it as largely irrelevant to the question at hand. It should go without ...


The best way to resolve this issue is to email team@stackexchange.com with the following request: Dear Sir or Madam, I link to my user page in many ways, directing others to it for personal and professional reasons. The recent logo change supporting a political or social cause on my user page unfortunately has the side effect of making my audience ...


No, Stack Overflow doesn't update the Last Seen value from any other site. Visiting Meta.SE does not count as a visit to Stack Overflow. Your visit times don't match exactly, which is what you'd expect if a visit to one was counted towards another site too. The consecutive days metric requires more than a mere visit to count a day as active. You need to do ...


I see it right there on your profile page, next to the GitHub icon (the Octocat silhouette):


You can find the total number of your reviews by going to this link. Which is just going to your activity page, clicking on "all actions" and then clicking on "reviews". Notice how it says you have done 220 reviews.


There is a 'profile page.' Click the button right next to 'help' at the top: (Be sure to do this on the main site, NOT here on meta!) There should be a 'settings' button on that profile page. Click that and then scroll down to "private information" and edit your email address: Now, if you're using the old email to log in, you'll have to change that ...


This is currently not possible. Vote on this feature request if you'd like to have this implemented.


Abbreviations for million and where they are used seems to not contain a lower-case 'm' . I would normally use the abbreviation 'mil' but it's not on this list either :/ Let's go with 'M' because NASA uses it :D


Why not MM, like the financial people use? I believe this comes from Roman numeral M meaning thousand, so 4.4 MM is 4.4 thousand thousand or 4.4 million.


In the SI system, the standard unit for discrete quantity / number of things isn't "1", or "people", it's the mole ;-) So, you can write in English, in which case "4.4m people" is a cromulent abbreviation of "4.4 million people", and I think more common than 4.4M. Or else you can use SI units, in which case it's 7.3 attomoles of people. I don't think SI is ...


TL;DR: This is an abbreviation of the number, not of the unit. As noted, M is an SI prefix for mega-, but I think the important point being missed here is that not only does the usage in question not actually mean mega nor is it for an SI unit, but it isn't even a prefix (it's being used as a suffix to the number, not a prefix to the unit; the unit isn't ...


How about a compromise: Use small caps for the M, like this: ~4.4ᴍ


how about powers of two? 2^32 sufficiently geeky for SO and no letters to be confused about. Also, it's kind of programming related!


this is pretty much the most valid comment: Meta makes a good point: these aren't SI units, it's EN-US slang (more or less). For most people in EN-* locales, the UX is better than SI units would be, with no loss of accuracy or real problems. We're not speaking of internationalized units here. As far as I know, the usual unit prefix for millions is ...


Forget the abbreviation; let's just use E notation... 4.4E6


We don't need no SI units 'round here. The m stands for "million" as in "you're one in a million, baby". And you know that you are - but this is still status-declined. Note that on some other sites, the suffixes will be different: ...and in some cases, so will the the scale: See also: Use 'M' for million instead of 'm'

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