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The margin between list items is added in .post-text ul li, .wmd-preview ul li, .post-text ol li, .wmd-preview ol li { margin-bottom: .5em; } So it affects posts and previews. The bio preview is also a preview, but the bio is not a post. Either make the bio a post, or set the margin to the bio too ....


UPDATE: There were multiple Careers accounts at play here; one of them received a message and then your SO account ended up being linked to an older CV. Fix was to merge the newly linked user into your original Careers user. I'm a little confused. You've opted into the developer story beta which (during the beta period) has no effect on your CV or ...


To me it is not a bug. The link is correctly taking you to the revisions tab. Once you cross the 2000 reputation points mark, you get the Edit Questions And Answers privilege. You can make direct edits to posts which do not go through the review cycle and are not shown in the suggestions tab.


The next badge track is a network wide bug, you can check a few similar questions: META SE: "Next tag badge" panel score and answers counter discrepancy META Travel: “Next tag badge” progress bar does not update META Math: Tag badge progress not updating automatically workaround? Click on the gear to select which badge you want to track, and ...


If you do not already have a public CV on Stack Overflow, the employer will see nothing! An employer can only see your SO account if: You have a /Jobs CV. You've added your SO account to it. You apply using that CV. In this case you'd just be uploading a PDF or whatnot and that's all they'd see. We never make your CV public to the rest of our customers. ...


Is probably a case of as the question marker itself says: 0 users have marked this question as favorite And the question indeed has 0 favorites. Give it 24 hours and this should sort itself out.

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