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Is probably a case of as the question marker itself says: 0 users have marked this question as favorite And the question indeed has 0 favorites. Give it 24 hours and this should short itself out.


Something was definitely odd; I've resync'd two competing sources of truth; you're currently showing as Jozef, but if you are trying to be Spiso: hopefully if you edit again, it should now work.


I can save my profile after removing the picture and selecting it again and writing Spiso as Display name every time I want to do a change in my profile (is prefilled with Jozef Spisiak). Regarding why do I need to do that, I will open a different ticket with better description of this problem.


This issue is now fixed (we moved "only used for displaying age" in the label), it will be live after our next production build.


For the purposes of this question we need to clarify what "suggesting edits" means in context. Most users who have been around for even a while will probably instinctively think of an edit suggestion system not unlike what we have in place for posts. But a CV is a personal document, not a wiki. A Stack Overflow user's CV is much like their professional ...


I appreciate the motivation, and the desire for a simple "edit this CV" feature is understandable, given how weird actively offering corrections to strangers' CVs through E-Mail can look. But that - contacting the individual through whatever means they have published - is really the only way, and it should stay that way: edits to CVs should never become a ...


This has now been fixed and pushed to production. Basically, we replaced usages of == with === on the javascript and forgot to also update the way we render the steps for the Enhance Your Profile box. Clicking on Continue should take you to the next step, but no valid steps were found (as steps comparison was failing) and an error message was displayed. ...


You should peruse the Stack Exchange Privacy Policy, which applies to every site in the network. In a nutshell: don't post anything that could publicly identify you if that makes you feel uncomfortable. The likelihood of moderators abusing their power and identifying you is slim. In a few broad strokes: Stack Exchange collects information about you, ...


Because you used <p> tags manually to surround each block in your profile, Markdown does not get rendered inside them. You do have to use HTML there. However, the editor does not and will not ever recognize that you are trying to insert something inside a block of HTML that will not render it. Your best alternative is to just get rid of the paragraph ...


The easiest "fix" is to just reverse them: Expandable usercard, see vote breakdown N.B. Not being in an actual sentence of prose, this isn't a comma splice per se but I guess exchanging the comma for a semicolon would be nice anyway.


While it appears to be somewhat of a stylistic choice, there's actually some UX design behind that. Gravatars are one color on a white that is identical to the white for the background. The grey rectangle allows the human eye to see the boundaries of the image. In the places where the image is white on white, our brain is able to extrapolate the boundaries ...


That's the design. It was chosen because the designer decided he liked it that way.

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