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We should delete your profile because you obviously have a big problem with some users in this community, and you're causing a "smell" as you say by naming and shaming on meta, thereby making the community look bad. By your own logic, you should not be permitted to remain on Stack Overflow. Therefore I am sure you will be deleting your account shortly?


Finally, after read and understand everything, what I feel is that, we shouldn't delete that user from the community, because we've to see his past (good input) and not the bad input, also that bad input can be our strength to become even better. Sorry to those guys, who feel bad cause of my directly pointing them here, please forgive me for this, but ...


Precisely because we value the good deeds in this community, all the good, which is useful content, should be kept. The bad things (hate speech, useless comment threads, spam posts, etc) are deleted on regular basis. For some time a user could have been adding to the community, and that should not be forgotten. They may have stopped, but that's no reason to ...


If Stack Overflow starts censoring criticism, I will stop coming here. The ability to easily criticise (preferably constructive) the site on meta is one of the best features! That post seems reasonable and fits well within what I would call (constructive) criticism. It's not "hate speech", racism, slander, promoting illegal activities, or anything even ...


That is my bad - when testing, I missed that the activity tab was gone (we have so many of them tabs on the profile page). It is back where it belongs.


The profile says: This account is temporarily suspended for voting irregularities. The suspension period ends in 12 hours. Which is why reputation is displayed as 1. This is by design. From the official blog post: Depending on the severity of the problem behavior — and at the complete discretion of the moderator — your account will be placed in ...


Yeah - use your browser's bookmark feature: Nothing built into the site though. As Bradley noted in the comments, we tend to discourage fixating on specific users.

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