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8 bytes walk into a foo-bar. "What can I get you?" "Make us a ... These are actually unfinished C# jokes. You'll note that the + is not, in fact, a plus symbol, but an unfinished sharp sign. You'll notice this entire post is barely a +


If you type the hashtag on a single line in your About Me section it will render as a html header. Putting a space before the hash makes the symbol appear. You don't want this #This is what you want #You don't want this #This is what you want And for why Stack Exchange chose to use hashtags in your About Me, I don't know. It's a social media thing. ...


It's a recursive joke. If you search "C+ jokes" in Google, this thread is now the first result.


I guess it is just the grade, in the US they grade from A (best) to F (worst) afaik. So a C+ joke would be a mediocre joke. Or maybe jokes that are barely passing as one (student reference). The more interesting question is now: are C++ jokes funnier or not? I guess if C++ is the same as B then yes, but if I increment C, it's D afterwards right? So I just ...


Finally I've found the way how to do that. It is funny though as I am pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday so I am assuming SO developers are still working on it. The answer is, in Edit Profile & Settings tab, there is a small checkbox with a text "Show Careers link on my profile" next to it and you should check that box in order to link your profile. ...


See below that the "x" that says "need positive question record." From the List of all badges with full descriptions: A positive question record means you don't have too many closed, downvoted or deleted questions, overall. The formula is (total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions >= 0.5. Questions that have been ...


I'm the developer that worked on this feature. It's all laid out in the sidebar for each of those "unlockables." The two most notable ones are being discovered by companies (the second unlockable) and qualifying for Careers Select (the third unlockable). Get Discovered by Companies The second unlockable lets you be discoverable by tech companies if you ...


Or you could just put that in a sentence: like here #SOreadytohelp


Go to your profile page and click on the little gear beside the actively tracked badge. Then it will show you a list of all available badges and your progress towards them. Select the badge you want to see more information about, then click the selected badge to see your progress on that badge.


Here's the necessary CSS fix: .badges-content .rarest .badges-list .badge, .badges-content .rarest .badges-list .badge-tag { vertical-align: middle; } .badges-content .badge-date { padding: 0.4em 0px; /* we don't want to have that mis-aligned either padding matches the one of the .badge (inline-)block */ } The badges ...


Under /revisions you see every entry of PostHistory table that you contributed: that is, every action that resulted in a new version of some post. But the count of edits (used for issuing badges and for the profile display) does not include retags or edits to own questions; it also counts multiple edits to the same post as one. Reference: Edits vs ...

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