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Age discrimination is a problem in the programming profession. You're considered over the top when you are thirty-something. This inspires SO users to lie about their age when they enter it in their profile. There are entirely too many 95 year old users for example. Also on the low-end, COPPA rules forbid creating an account when you're younger than 13. ...


To expand on my comment, if you have a question migrated to another site, you are presented with a direct link to the new location of that question. Once you visit the site, you can create an account there quickly by clicking the "log in" link at the top of the page. If you log in with your Stack Exchange account (the same one as your Stack Overflow ...


No you can't. This information is not available to users, not even moderators. I would even suspect that it's not available to employees.


The vote is no longer in progress; the question has either been closed, or the votes have been deleted after expiring. When that happens, the vote is marked as deleted, all that remains is the vote log. For the specific question you link to, the question was put on hold, so the close votes on the post have been deleted as they are no longer waiting for ...


It is on your Profile tab: The line is clickable, the same good ole' calendar is still there:


You can replace Discover... with Stack Overflow Careers profile, which will contain a link to your profile. Click on the Edit Profile & Settings tab: then scroll down to the Web presence section and tick the Show Careers link on my profile checkbox: Source (deleted) This is not exactly what I asked for, but does work for my situation, as I was ...


Next Badge To track the progress towards the next possible badge. For details (or to change the tracker), click on the wheel next to it and it will expand like where you can see the break-down for the progress as well as change the tracker. Impact It's precisely your presence in the site (edits, votes, flags included, as you can see) and the effects of ...


First and foremost, no, there is not a way to hide a specific question from your profile. At least, not currently. You could put in a feature request over on Meta Stack Exchange. Secondly, I don't believe that asking a good, well-received question would hurt anyone professionally. Programming is, by definition, an exercise in logic. There will always be ...


The answer is.......... TODAY! http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2015/04/two-new-user-pages-one-new-stat-this-ones-big/?cb=1


Views, in the sense of SE sites, are unique views, which can be roughly translated into people (though it is not a 100% accurate translation). They've said they are okay with this number being higher than it actually might be: we'd rather slightly over-appreciate volunteers then under-appreciate 'em This post on MSE shares a lot about the new stat: ...


Solution Toggle the Careers account privacy settings to private then back to public. Source: 'New profile pages are out - bugs and feedback master list'


The check for validity of user names was incorrectly rejecting those with a .. This has now been fixed and will roll out in the next build.


This already exists, in a way, if you strike the "must work for deleted answers" requirement. That one I don't really see happening on SE, given how little they support discovering deleted content even if it's your own. Try e.g. populate is:answer [javascript] user:me in search, for example, to search for all your answers in the JavaScript tag that ...


Votes are counted towards the Civic Duty badge as they are cast (299). These are cached and eventually added to your running total on the right side (295). The caching explains the lower total on the right. Entering your "Votes Cast" section though (264), the count excludes any votes cast on deleted posts. So you have cast 35 votes on things that were ...


Thank you for the suggested fix. I have pushed it to dev. The change will be on live after our next production build.


This is a cross-meta duplicate, as seen here on MSE. The text you see is just a placeholder when the 'about me' is empty. The 'about me' can be edited by the owner of the profile. (If you don't want to see that text in your profile, put a space in your profile and it will be gone)


Since the user profile page has been revamped, here's an updated image to show where to find this with the new layout:


It seems the latest changes fixed this issue. I could "About me" now.


Short Answer We need to save, wait, and then refresh. As Matthew correctly mentioned in his comment, there is a delay, after which hitting refresh shows the new message that it is shared. To show my existing, public profile took these steps. Go to my StackOverflow profile editing page. It currently says: No Careers profile for this account (This ...


Yes, your Careers profile was found, but is currently hidden on your Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange profile page - that is, you are not sharing it.


Yes, this is by design. The designer wanted to break up the background a bit and make it a bit more interesting.

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