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It happened for me, too. I'm using Firefox 35.0.1 on Linux. Then I remembered I have NoScript enabled, and allowed only scripts from stackoverflow.com. When I disabled NoScript, the problem went away. However, this was yesterday, today the tabs are in english even with NoScript enabled. I don't know if this means anything, I just thought I should post it.


There was an change to how profile images were handled that broke the edit page for users with an uploaded profile image. This is now fixed.


I've changed it back for you. I've also edited at least one comment that pinged you using your changed display name so it doesn't look out of place. That would be a good feature request: allow rolling back a display name once with the caveat that it can't be edited again in 30 days, similar to how you can undo a comment upvote without being able to cast it ...


Generally, users are allowed to put whatever they'd like on their profile (including spammy links, I believe). If you know they're malicious, though, you might want to contact a moderator. You can't flag a user's profile, but you can flag one of their posts with an "other" flag and explain what's wrong; a moderator will see it and take a look at the issue.

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