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As I understand it, if it's legal and safe for work, you can put your heart's content over there. All allowed: hire me; donate now; annoying GIFs; political declarations; project/corporate links; I'm awesome because "[...]"; JavaScript/HTML apps and games; I'm waiting for you at my REFERENCES: Rules for Profiles Why is the f ...


While it appears to be somewhat of a stylistic choice, there's actually some UX design behind that. Gravatars are one color on a white that is identical to the white for the background. The grey rectangle allows the human eye to see the boundaries of the image. In the places where the image is white on white, our brain is able to extrapolate the boundaries ...


That's the design. It was chosen because the designer decided he liked it that way.


The people reached statistic is a rough guesstimate of how many views all your posts have. A single view is considered to be equivalent with a single user. There is however one slight problem with the calculation of that number. The view count is only stored for a question, not for each answer. So you can only be 100% sure a question is viewed. For ...


This has been fixed and will be out in the next deployment.

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