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Given that Triage audits, from the same answer you originally linked, have less than half the failure rate of FP and LA audits, and given that those queues are unlocked at the same rep, and given that no distinction is made between queues within the given rep buckets, your analysis would seem far better suited to requesting that FP and LA thresholds be ...


Reputation is irrelevant in the face of reviews. You're not going to ensure more accuracy or that more questions that are in triage ultimately make their way into the right buckets if the reputation is increased. The data there is very mixed, and I can't draw a direct correlation between accuracy of votes and user reputation. Further, there's a tendency ...


Have you seen this as a problem? I personally don't think this is an issue. The owner of the post is always notified of edits and they can roll them back if they don't think it was correct. The community that visits it can also edit it if they feel the edit was bad/incorrect.


In no way should the question be considered Broad. You asked for the best way to do something, and you didn't provide any indication of what you had tried so far. That leaves us open to a lot of possibilites, which some people may think is too broad. In 99% of cases, you don't need any particular expertise in a tag to tell if a question is off-topic or ...


Note that I hold him in very high esteem, but this particular case seems questionable; I cannot see anything about the answer that should have triggered a moderator to step in and nuke it. It was deleted because the user has a lot of posts that are just posts that link to their own website. This is one of those. 53 out of their 56 answers, to be ...


It already works that way, please read http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/comment Please note that you can always comment on your own posts, and any part of your questions. That includes answers to your question.


Should you stop reviewing when you run out of flags? Not necessarily... unless you want to stop, of course. Put it this way: how many of your reviews do result in a flag being raised? 10% of them? 25%? 50%? Even then, you still could handle the remaining 50% of the posts being reviewed - the ones where you select "No action needed", or you improve the post ...


It's not a problem at all. The vote splits are not classified information: besides the API, they can be obtained from the Data Explorer, or by opening the timeline page /posts/{question-id}/timeline. The 1K privilege amounts merely to making it available through the site interface, without you having to work to get it.

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