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My comments here are the result of three random events: (1) This topic happened to be showing in the right-hand column and (2) I happened to notice it. The significance of this coincidence for me is that (3) I recently asked to have my account closed on another Stack for the very topic this thread is discussing. In the last few years, I started seeing ...


I suppose the question about whether this should be done can be considered more generically, rather than on a per-privilege basis: Of all the users that this would affect (i.e. users with current privileges that would lose them in the change), how many of them are actively making using to the feature the privilege unlocks? Then, of all those users that it ...


I don't like those: Editing privileges: 2000+ rep and at least 50 approved edits with a good edit suggestion approve-deny ratio I didn't like my suggestions to be reviewed, so I have never suggested any edit to a question or answer (my 3 only suggestions are for tag wikis). After I gained the privilege with my reputation, I have been able to improve ...


I agree with this in principle, but I see some problems that make this feel like a lot of work for little (if any) gain. Let's look at the new proposed requirements: Editing Privileges (50+ good edits): Having experience editing is a good thing. But how meaningful is that metric when we are constantly fighting robo-reviewers? Also, I'm sure if I put a ...


You can read the article that announced Stack Overflow's public launch (dated September 15th, 2008), which already refers to reputation gaining what we now refer to as "privileges": Once you’ve earned a little bit of reputation in the system (and there are all kinds of ways to earn reputation), you can edit questions and answers.


This has been discussed on Meta Stack Exchange. This appears to be a case where the answer was automatically converted to a comment. From Kevin's answer: Trivial answers containing a link to another question in the network are automatically converted to comments on the question In this case, the user tried to post a link to another SO post with not ...


If the user had the privilege when upvoting, then it was a valid upvote at the time. It will not be taken away. (this assumes valid voting - if vote fraud was involved, reputation can and will be taken away)


Is this possible? No, your reputation cannot drop below 1. That'd be a painful mistake for anyone who asked a bad question as their first. You can get question banned though, which means you will not be able to ask questions without improving your old ones.


Your answer here was briefly accepted and gave you an additional 15 reputation for a whole four seconds, which was apparently enough time for the system to send you the messages about the privileges you gained (since you were sitting at 21 reputation at the time).

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