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That's correct and by design. Only the tags in the initial revision count for the dupe hammer. Normally that is meant to prevent you from adding tags just to be able to use your hammer. Here it worked the other way; the OP made a mistake in adding the CSS tag, but because the initial revision had that tag your dupe hammer counts. I think that's fine; no ...


The ability for gold tag badge holders to close as a duplicate with a single vote is based on the original tags the question had. This is to prevent you adding a tag and then closing the question. It does result in anomalies like this one though.


The author of a post can always unconditionally reject or accept a suggested edit on their own posts, regardless of reputation. Dany Maor rejected a suggestion on their own question. Note that their name is highlighted with a blue background, signifying 'author of post'.


If a question needs a comment to be clarified, it's not a very good question, and there's a strong chance that you are wasting your time. Look for good questions, answer those, and you will earn rep.


No, I don't think that is a very good idea. Reputation should be a reward for one's ability as an asker/answerer, not a form of charity. If a tag is really needed, all you need is for someone with 1500+ points to edit your question to include the tag. If you really want to get together to obtain 1500 points, you could use the bounty system - but that ...


If Stack sites were new, then perhaps removing that threshold would be beneficial to everyone. However, touching on what @RobertHarvey said, I think it's fine, with both help centre and a plethora of most common new user questions already on Meta. New users tend not to ask about "deep" Stack things which only more seasoned users will ask, and by then have ...


Martijn Pieters's answer makes sense, but I think that in this particular case, a warning saying The question was edited since you entered the page, this is the new version, do you still want to vote that way? could improve the voting relevance (while still allowing you to use your badge color according to the original version).


You get a notification as soon as you hit the reputation requirement. If you got it every time you reached the rep requirement you could end up getting it three or four times as your rep bounced around the score. This would be more annoying that temporarily finding that the you didn't have the privilege. Look on it as an incentive to provide more good ...


I believe if a user suggested an edit on one of the answers he'd posted, then he will have been given the opportunity to approve or deny that edit. I earned the same badge today for approving a suggested improvement to one of my answers.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible