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It's not a problem at all. The vote splits are not classified information: besides the API, they can be obtained from the Data Explorer, or by opening the timeline page /posts/{question-id}/timeline. The 1K privilege amounts merely to making it available through the site interface, without you having to work to get it.


There are small reputation barriers in place for posting images and comments on other people's posts to prevent spammers from getting the upper hand. Spammers usually don't put much effort into their puppet accounts and very rarely (if ever) do spam accounts have more than 1 rep. The only thing 1-rep users can do is post questions and answers – when spam is ...


Just click on the 2k reputation tier you mentioned: Reviewing suggested edits In addition, users with this privilege level can also begin reviewing suggested edits (which previously you would have had to suggest). These edits remain in a pending state until they get enough votes to either approve them and make the edits take effect or reject them ...


It's less accessible now, but it's still there. In your user profile, click on the Edit Profile & Settings tab. On the left there is a list. The One on the bottom says Privileges. Click on it, and it will take you to the original page.


Because you can't just vote to delete any question. Questions must be closed before non-mods can cast delete votes. And if reopened, any pending delete votes are instantly removed. This adds a second level of oversight to the process. Answers don't have this protection; the only requirement for deleting an answer is that it score < 0. Note that there ...


You'll only see posts that were created in the past 60 days, and have since been deleted. From the original post detailing this: [...] we're showing a link (visible only to profile owners and moderators) on the Questions and Answers tabs that'll list the given user's deleted questions or answers, currently limited to those posted in the past 60 days. ...

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