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Giving everyone the same number of votes means that everyone has an equal say in how the site is being moderated. Many posts are in a "grey area", and both keeping them and closing or deleting them are valid options; voting isn't necessarily objective. This is why posts are moderated by humans and not an algorithm, and why you need multiple people to close ...


No, this is a terrible idea. The limit is ridiculously low (15 rep). Its there to prevent users to make sure users have some idea of how the site works, and more importantly to prevent voting fraud. Remove the limit and all I need to do is create a bunch of accounts to get unlimited rep.


Q: Can askers always review edits on their own question? A: Yes. When someone suggests an edit to your question (Or answer), you get a notification saying so. Clicking this notification takes you to the suggested edit, so you can review it. A post's owner has the binding vote in regards to suggested edits.


Although your question is clearly about getting more votes, you seem to tell that you have a problem that could be solved (by Stack Exchange) without changing the quota. I'll freely admit -- I cast more downvotes than upvotes anymore, because I see so many bad questions. The fact may be that downvote deserving questions get too much attention (from you ...


Meanwhile, I found the relevant FAQ entry: How do suggested edits work? - Meta Stack Exchange ...which also includes special "owner" rules for answers.

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