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Personally, I don't think that flag should have been declined. An API key is something that probably should not remain in a public post or a revision history if it could lead to a developer or their site being exploited, and I don't think this API key was just for testing. However, I should say that not all personally identifying information is worth ...


Delete the post if you're able. Flag the post for moderator attention (Flag -> Other -> "Sensitive information such as the API key has been exposed. Please remove.") Once we ask the team to remove the sensitive information, the post will be undeleted.


Just me personally but I would say that an edit made for privacy reasons such as that is not superfluous. That being said, if the editor only changed that part of the question and left other as you said "major readability or formatting concerns" within the question then maybe the better suited response should be the Approve and Edit or, to not reward them ...


Reject it, unless it's really sensitive information, in which case you should immediately inform a moderator for redacting the revision-history. And if you feel the urge, make a good edit instead. Redacting that email alone isn't useful, at least as a suggested edit, especially as long as there's lots of grammar to clean up and also some fluff (like half ...

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