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Search for captcha spam. First result returned is New Question / Answer Rate Limits: That is, until tonight, when we were hit by a malicious user of a type we haven't seen before ... But in all seriousness, the surprising thing here is that this user was not a bot. Our anti-bot stuff would be challenging to get around. ...


You enter the chatroom, and post them there. If enough folks star them, and the hosts consider them interesting / on-topic, they'll be answered. Note that this only applies while a podcast is currently being recorded. Questions posted after the podcast will likely be ignored.


The blog post mentioned in DavidPostill's answer was discussed in Stack Overflow Podcast #43 (starts 44 minutes in): We have a lot of anti-bot code on Stack Overflow. What we didn't think about was human-entered spam! Now we do -- yet another example of the incredible power of rate limiting techniques.


The official rss feed of the podcasts is as explained in this answer from D.G. over at MSE.

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