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Well, the whole process is pretty complicated, but I'll try and answer you without writing a post that's as many pages (see what I did there?) as the last Game of Thrones book. Assumptions For the sake of discussion, we'll all agree that pagination is basically a function of pageNumber * pageSize. That is, to get the current set of questions in a sorted ...


I have pushed a "reload" instruction to the servers, which will hopefully fix this for now, but we are aware that this is an occasional bug. The good news is that we are in the process of completely overhauling the code that drives this, which should resolve a range of stability and performance issues, while also removing a metric ton of tech debt that has ...


Since we always have a link to the first page, and we always show 5 adjacent pages, this is, in fact, consistent. There is no gap between page 1 and 2, so to show the 5 adjacent pages, we go up to 5 when on page 4.


Thanks for the report. I made some changes yesterday to eliminate some unnecessary queries to Elastic search for suggestions. Sadly that surfaced an off-by-one bug in an alternate code path that, apparently, never got noticed. It's fixed now!


Can you please fix this? In the minimized code: full.en.js?v=65f133f16fbe line 4539 (chrome "pretty print"). The page size is never set and will therefore be defaulted in setPaging: function D(e) { for (var t, n = /(?:[&?])(page(?:size)?)=(\d+)/gi, i = {}; t = n.exec(e); ) i[t[1].toLowerCase()] = +t[2]; O.forEach(function(e) { ...


This has been fixed and will be deployed in build 2015.12.16.3985 (meta) and 2015.12.16.3090 (main).


This has been fixed and will be deployed in rev 2015.12.17.3996 (meta) and rev 2015.12.17.3102 (main).

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