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As was pointed out by @Oded, the browser you are using is not supported by Stack Exchange. You don't want to use some of the officially supported browsers, because they take up too much memory. So I assume that, for whatever reason, you are using a small computer. Stack Exchange has a list of officially supported browsers. Note that Opera 26 and 27 are on ...


This is not an issue with Stack Exchange, but with your browser, and should be reported to Opera. When you zoom into the page, you also have to zoom the SVG image to make it larger. Doing so, you also have to translate the background positions to account for the new location of the piece of the image which was being shown in the box. Opera is clearly ...


First - I can't reproduce the issue. I see both images on the old answer and here. Images stored on are not normally deleted (more on this below). This is under an agreement we have with imgur - that URL and servers are not under normal imgur terms and conditions. On rare occasions we will delete an image from imgur - if we got a valid ...


We don't support zooming. If you zoom in/out and get visual glitches, that's expected. We will not be fixing them.

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