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This is a weird edge-case I'm afraid. Due to a defect in the logic surrounding email address verification a few years back, a handful of Stack Exchange OpenId accounts exist without verified emails. When we discovered this, we did the responsible thing and stripped the addresses from these accounts; they could still be used (and were) but without an ...


Looks like your profile is using the anonymous identicon. To switch to Gravatar, go to your profile's edit page and click "change picture".


n.b. The following answer worked once. It is back to not logging in. In my Stack Overflow profile, the private information listed the email address as my email address. Amending this to then clicking on the Network Profile link took me to the Network Profile page, already logged in, instead of taking me to the log-in page as ...


Stack Overflow offers an option to merge to accounts created by same person. Read the details on the above link and follow it.


1 Thanks to @vcsjones in the above comments, logout your current Google Account OpenId, and create a new Stack Exchange OpenId. Activate your Stack Exchange OpenId by click the link Stack Exchange sending to your email. 2 Thanks to @Kendra in the above comments, this link can merge your accounts. You just need to get the two links of your Google Account ...


The simple answer here: No. The longer answer: If you don't want your new SE OpenID on your old one question account, do not merge. If you don't want to be accused of sockpuppetry, the easiest way is to leave that account abandoned. It really won't hurt anything. Trust me, as I've been trying to figure this one out myself, there is no way to disassociate ...

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