Questions relating to the free, open source advertising program driven by community voting on ads on meta.

Use this tag if you have questions about the Open Source advertising programme on Stack Overflow. If you want to promote your OSS project with such an ad, head over to the newest instead.

Community Promotion Ads started as free advertising on Stack Overflow for open source projects in 2009. In 2011, the project was expanded to include free vote-based advertising for all Stack Exchange communities. Ads should be for projects, tools, conferences, etc. relevant to the site, such as:

  • Highlighting and promoting activities in the per-site community blogs
  • Cool applications or open-source projects related to the site
  • The site’s Twitter feed
  • Promoting relevant events or conferences the community should know about
  • Anything else the community would genuinely be interested in

Partly copied from: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/community-ads/info

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