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That text was noise, and it's entirely acceptable to remove it solely on that basis. I don't see it as offensive at all, so I would say that the revision text isn't appropriate, even though the removal is.


That remark is simply unprofessional. The standard for Stack Overflow isn't just being non-offensive, it is meant to be a place for professional programmers and you should use professional language there. This is not about censoring bad words or any religious sensibilities. It is good practice to avoid such potentionally problematic remarks if they aren't ...


I think we leave the hammer to the mods. Such a person doesn't deserve to be here and you are right about flagging this. This is about the worst I have ever seen on SO. A few from the Tavern on the Meta chat room picked up your post and flagged it as offensive, so it is deleted now. I am sure the mods will intervene shortly. And they did. Bart (Cerbus ...


You flag the comments (use offensive) and move on. Leave dealing with a user like this to the moderators and do not engage. Flagging is only visible to moderators, the user cannot see that you have done so, nor can other users. Moderators will engage the user if there are multiple cases of comments with offensive flags on them, and can do so in a private ...


It is acceptable in very rare circumstances, when the foul language is pertinent to the post. That generally means questions related to automated detection of foul language (example) Any time it would be possible to convey the meaning using only polite language, do.


(Too long as a comment.) Since you've asked about whether or not calling someone a retard is offensive this falls into "opinion" and should be closed. The real question is "should it be edited". Yes, it should, because the question you asked can be legitimately asked, and the potentially offensive wording detracts from what is otherwise simply trivially ...


The essence of the code that is desired is the MCVE. Parts of the code (and strings within the code) that distract from the problem, well, they distract from the problem and make the code example non-minimal. Changing the code so that it is something that people won't complain about but still demonstrates the problem and is veritably not going to cause ...

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