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Not quite. I've got a setup that does notify me of activity on Stack Overflow, but it's nothing official. It's simply a combination of Pushbullet and the official Stack Exchange app. I've got Pushbullet in my browser and on my phone, as well as the Stack Exchange app. It's merely configured to listen to any event that hits the mobile app and it pushes it ...


I was looking for something like that, but it looks like it is still lacking features that I have described in my question. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stack-alert/bpficcollblmkmoofnbnfhibdhfolamm Note, that the link above is one of the apps that Stackoverflow has under its Applications tab in "Edit Profile & Settings".


Today is my birthday and I was unable to get the day off work. Upon visiting Stack Overflow I was surprised to not see some form of birthday message in the notification bar. Ignoring the part about seeing how may birthdays you've celebrated here; this is an interesting question in that here on Stack Overflow's Meta this has 27 down votes and 6 up votes, yet ...

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