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There is no automated system that would inform you. If users feel that it's relevant, it's common for a comment to be posted on posts that are being discussed on meta. Often such comments are posted either when it would be very productive for the author to join the discussion (when they didn't start it, which is actually very common) or when there's clear ...


You can press tab to complete the name, or, click on it.


I had almost completed my question when I stumbled on the answer, so I will just post them both at the same time. Answer: click on the pop up box with your mouse to autocomplete the username. Suggestion to StackExchange developers: Make Enter also work to autocomplete so that I don't have to take my hands off the keyboard. Update: Thanks to ...


I recreated this problem :) The Cause Before the vote buttons stick to the top of the viewport td.votecell has been given position: relative so the position: absolute div.message is now confined to the thin table cell. After the sticky buttons stick to the top of the viewport The div.vote is now given the inline style of position: fixed so the ...

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