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TL;DR Don't worry about whether someone else is posting an answer. Go ahead and write your answer, make it a good one, and post it. Then keep making it better if you can. Good answers are always valuable, no matter how many we get. If I understand you correctly, you are asking not for a notification that an answer has been posted (which we have), but for a ...


At the bottom of every question is a link to the question feed. You can utilize this, and a feed parser of your choice, to follow any questions you wish.


This sounds like a residual effect of an incorrect merge attempt, but it's something you can fix on your own. Go to your profile, and you should see these tabs at the top: Click on "Edit Profile & Settings" to go to your account settings. (Note: This will just read "Settings" on your Meta profile.) You should see these options: You want ...

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