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If someone has reputation gains on multiple sites they may not want it to clear until they visit their profile on that site. When clicking the Achievement button in the top bar it clears it for all sites which does not mean that you have viewed the information you want for all your sites.


I am now able to receive email notifications after editing my email preferences to get notified for any new comment every 3 hours. Earlier it was set to 1 day. The shortest interval to receive notification is three hours post an action.


You can use the RSS feed on the featured tab for that tag. Go to a tag page, click on the featured tab and scroll down to the bottom to look for the featured <tagname> questions list link: Add the link to your favourite RSS reader.


psubsee2003's answer has already outlined that indeed user are not notified of pending close votes. Instead, they are notified of comments to their question which happens to be a direct result of two of the close vote options: Closing as duplicate Custom close reason And low rep users won't even be able to determine that close votes exist at all. The ...


No. The author of the question does not get any notification except in 2 special cases (which really aren't notifications of the close vote, but notifications of the resulting comment) Duplicates via the "possible duplicate" comment. This also means that duplicate closures without a comment (specifically mod closures) do not generate a notification. ...

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