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Meanwhile, we need someone to blame for all this: But sadly Shog doesn't know how to fix it :(, so we must wait until someone wakes up. Now, seriously speaking the bug is as follows: After reading notifications, they reappear whenever you reload the page. Notifications are not shown when you get a message in the inbox until you refresh. Reputation ...


We had problems with a datacenter test that left our caching layer in a partially broken state. All issues should now be resolved.


The achievements box won't light up if you only received downvotes. You received other achievements, and the change in reputation includes the downvotes to explain why you only got +8 or other such reputation changes.


We should have a notification notation on the tab page title like (●) Newest 'javascript' ... (Zero activities, any profile event) (79●) Newest 'javascript' ... (79 new activities, any profile event) Where profile event (indicated as '●') is defined as any of Inbox message Reputation change Badge achievement and activities is defined as the ...


You are not notified of the outcome of a suggested edit review, no. If you haven't yet reached the reputation cap for suggested edits (you can only gain a maximum of 1000 points from accepted edits) you do get a notice for the +2 reputation you earned. You can see what happened to the suggested edit in your profile; go to the activity tab, and filter on ...


There is another behavior that started at about the same time, and may be related: When one, say, adds a comment, then goes off to another page, then returns to the original page, the comment is not there. One must somehow refresh the page (I usually click the question title) for it to appear. And I think I've seen this same behavior for other things, ...

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