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Is there a way this can be prevented Yes - don't post comments as answers. Rather than skirting round the restriction, accept it as an intentional restriction - if you want to comment, earn that right with reputation. You talk about "users with high reputation" - but it only takes 50 rep to comment. That's not a very high bar at all.


I'd say that questions for more information (like "Please provide the output of command ..." belong to the comments under the question, then the user should update his question with that information and if you finally have enough information to identify the correct underlying problem you can give the correct answer. This answer might - in addition - of ...


The question is off-topic if this is the case. Stack Overflow is a Q&A, not a chatroom… though it does have chatrooms so if someone needs "guiding" step-by-step, it can be done there. Note that "helping" one person is not a good enough reason to break the model. Stack Overflow was created for the very purpose of getting away from the messy ...


That sound like the question itself does not contain the information necessary for it to be answered properly. If that is the case, then it needs to be put on-hold until the missing information is addded. Concerning your comment, I agree that sometimes additional information might be needed, but even though many questions can be answered by guessing at ...


TLDR: In this case, and cases like it, I would edit the question to read "How can I do X", and leave it unanswered until such a time as an answer exists, unless "X" happens to be something that will forever be impossible in which case a "You can't do that because...." answer is appropriate. I generally feel that if "no" is a good answer to a question, ...


No is a powerfully valuable answer that can save the OP a vast amount of time. However, for 'no' to be useful, its needs the necessary backup so that the reader can decide to believe it. That could range from a reference to an authoritative source to an argument from authority.


I think it's an answer that is misleadingly phrased as a question, agreeing with Martin Smith and user5237770. On Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead?, it states: It's perfectly fine to post an answer saying, for example, "I'm not sure what the cause of your problem is, but if it's X, you can solve it by doing Y. If that ...


I will play devil's advocate here. Pay attention to this comment: Grey area TBH - If the tone was somewhat more assertive One possible explanation for this behaviour would be if you use a JS framework or plugin that applies the editable rule on the specific class you use for this button would you still have flagged it? – Martin Smith yesterday ...


You've answered the question yourself, actually. In my eyes, the answer is seeking clarification from the OP... Anything that's seeking clarification about the question is a comment, not an answer. The number of upvotes on it are irrelevant.


If an answer should have been a comment, and isn't actually attempting to answer the question, then it's Not An Answer.

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