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Yes, absolutely. It doesn't answer the question in a useful way; it is commentary on the problem. That should be clear to anyone who can read English. On the other hand, since it incidentally contains the solution to the problem, reviewers likely thought it would be worse to delete it than to leave it. They don't necessarily see the entire context that you ...


It's not not an answer. However, it is very low quality. The answerer clearly either failed to read the question or badly misunderstood it, but even apart from that this answer fails the smell test: it's the equivalent of searching for instructions on replacing your car's disc brakes and finding the answer, "I was having a similar problem and used a ...


You down vote it, and consider leaving a comment (like you've done) if you think it may be salvageable. It is an answer, just a bad one - so down voting is the correct procedure. Once it goes negative (I'm not sure of the exact criteria) then higher privileged users can vote to delete it.


It doesn't look to me like either an answer or a "high quality" question. It looks more like one person's story of accessing the current user, with a bit of mild ranting thrown in for flavor. From How do I ask a good question?: Pretend you're talking to a busy colleague This is nowhere near that, and the only question the wall of text ever reaches is ...


"Not an Answer" are for answers like this: I Like Waffles Or Check out this link Or Thanks! But I have this other question Answers that are just plain wrong are still answers. Downvote, but please do not flag.

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