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Sometimes - not always, not often, but sometimes - "Yes" is the correct answer. So the standard advice for flagging still applies: do not flag stuff based on a simple pattern-match - we have a perfectly good regular expression engine that can do this. If you're not gonna evaluate the posts you're flagging in context, then there's a really good chance ...


They are answers. They are bad, low quality, terrible answers, but they are answers. Downvote and flag as low quality. Reserve the "not an answer" to things that are clearly not attempting to answer the question. Also see: How do I properly use the "Not an Answer" flag?


You should flag it as this is not an answer -- but also leaving a comment for the user is good etiquette and helpful to educate the user.. Once it is flagged it will eventually get to the review queue for a quorum to decide on the faith of the non-answer, and it will eventually get deleted if not deleted by the user first.


It matches very good 'link-only answer' delete reason with Low Quality Queue. It is also very likely to be deleted once it gets there. However, it needs 4 downvotes until it could be flagged as 'low quality'. Other flags are handled by moderators, which are usually more restrained to take any action, since their votes are binding.

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