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The OP had undeleted the post after it was deleted from review. Moderators are auto-alerted by a Community flag when this happens, so there is not anything you need to do in this case. I've re-deleted the post. When a moderator deletes a post, the OP can no longer undelete it.


When you feel that an answer is not useful, you should be downvoting it. You should not be flagging an answer because it is wrong, or not an answer that you think is useful. It's still an answer, just a bad answer.


Nope. The user posted the question as an answer to a different question and then, when informed that it was the wrong thing to do, copied and pasted the output rather than retyping the question or copying the input. Moderators cannot create a question on someone's behalf. What's depressing is that someone suggested an edit that didn't remove the "9 down ...


That is an attempt at an answer - even if it's a short one-liner with no explanation. It you think it's rubbish - that's what downvotes are for - if you don't have the rep to downvote, then flag as "other" if you think it's serious enough to warrant moderator attention - there's a user base of well over a million users on the site - it'll get noticed ...


It's not great, but it is an answer to the question - a "not an answer" flag is not appropriate. Downvote it if you think it's not useful.


From the flag menu, the correct option for flagging something that should be a comment is "not an answer": not an answer This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or deleted altogether. As you can see, one of the options here is that the answer should be a ...


First of all, don't do that. If you don't have a privilege on the site, earn it instead of trying to work around it. Second, if you just delete your "answer," the reputation you lost from the downvotes will be returned.

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