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I've used stackoverflow as a non registered user for 3 years and a half before signing up and here's why: At first I didn't even think about it. That's just that simple. You know, I do a lot of searches and I don't always sign up on whatever website/forum/board I find the answer I was looking for. What made me sign up to SO is that I eventually ended up ...


Hmm... I get what you're shooting for here, but the reward for asking a well formed question is usually a well formed answer. Reputation points can be a nice side benefit, but rep shouldn't be the primary goal when asking a question. translates into few rep points in exchange for all their effort There really isn't that much effort required when asking ...


I rarely have need to ask a question on stack overflow because I usually find the question has been asked already, or since I'm a proficient programmer the random hints I find on related questions are more than enough to help me solve my query. Often however, I have a useful comment on an answer that I'm unable to contribute because I have less than 50 ...


Be as elitist as you can. Seems to work for others.

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