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Don't you think that all this idea of moderation by users should be removed ? No. There are plenty of checks and balances in place already to keep things running smoothly. I was part of multiple community that were moderated by people elected by the users, and it always worked. On the scale that Stack Overflow operates at?


As shown on the moderators list, the new members are added to the group. In this case, in 2015, one moderator decided to step down and was removed. I also point you to the accepted answer and discussion on Should Community Moderators be “elected for life”, or have terms? (on MSE). It states, in part, that replacing moderators instead of accumulating them ...


If the moderator does not have contact information in his/her profile page then the answer is simple: no way to contact the moderator privately. Period. So, what you can do instead? Contact Stack Exchange team, who is responsible for the moderator. How do to that? Just click the "contact us" link in the bottom of any page, and choose "Other" under "What ...


Flag one of your posts (preferably the one that was acted upon) with the "other" flag explaining what your issue is. It will enter the queue and be dealt with in due course. Obviously this depends on the situation. It might not be appropriate in all circumstances, but if you think a mod handled a situation badly then the situation still hasn't been resolved ...


Your answer was a question: Which python version do you have? Update the python version to 2.7 or greater. It is strange that the module argparse isn't found. From the flag queue that looked awfully much like a comment and not an answer, which is probably why it was flagged in the first place. You even had the exact same text as a comment on the post. ...


What should I have done (If I should do something)? You should have written it as an answer, rather than copying the comment verbatim. Presumably, it was flagged as NAA - looking at the answer in isolation, can you see why Martijn would have concurred with that assessment?


There's no minimum wage for lizards.


Moderators are volunteers, and as such, they are not paid.


Note that I hold him in very high esteem, but this particular case seems questionable; I cannot see anything about the answer that should have triggered a moderator to step in and nuke it. It was deleted because the user has a lot of posts that are just posts that link to their own website. This is one of those. 53 out of their 56 answers, to be ...


I definitely support this idea. I hate the idea of offenders making rep off of plagiarized content. I do think it will be crucial to specifically define what is considered plagiarism for SE though if it is to be community-moderated. So, how will SE define plagiarism? Consider the following as test subjects where the original answer is found here and the ...

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