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Community moderation is indeed tied to reputation - you can go to the privileges page (linked from the help center) to find out what each reputation bracket gives you. Things like voting to close/reopen, voting to delete/undelete and so on. Other than that, sites have diamond moderators (with a diamond next to their name) - these are either appointed by ...


So, I raised this flag on my question: There's nothing wrong with the question--the requested task requires a moderator (apologies if a flag is inappropriate here). And received this response: declined - Not sure why you put in this flag. No one said there was anything wrong. However, the task did get handled: I've proposed them as synonyms ...


What you can do flag other What you should do Nothing. If you have posted a question then they are capable of seeing it, just like everyone else. If the moderators/community feels strongly about it then it will be addressed.


With everything that happens in SO, I think moderators are some really busy people. Furthermore, you can create tag synonyms when you have 2500+ reputation (which you do) - so I think calling their attention to this is not necessary. Edit: as per the comments, it seems like version specific synonyms can only be applied by moderators. If that is the case, ...


They are listed on the Stack Exchange about page: http://stackexchange.com/about/team You can see the account of the employees (who have an account) by clicking on their picture on the about page.


Flag your own message. That will get the MODS attention


Have you read What is a bounty? How can I start one?? All bounties are paid for up front and non-refundable under any circumstances.


If it isn't something that needs to be discussed privately, and is instead a general support question (like your example), you should ask here on meta. If it needs to be discussed in private you can use the "contact us" link on the bottom of the page.


He's a developer. They can flick the "moderator" switch on any account as necessary. In this case it will probably be so he can use the moderator only tags.


Stack Exchange Employees have their moderator flag set manually per site, as most don't need to have that level of access. Clearly for Alex it was set just on Meta, presumably so he can set moderator-only tags on posts by himself.

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