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No, please do not use moderator flags for this reason. Doing so is a sure-fire way to get yourself into trouble with the very people who will see your flag. Why not to do this Moderators are people who deal with problems in the community, such as inappropriate posts (as you've correctly pointed out) or misbehaving users. Answering questions, on the other ...


Welcome new crew! Here's ya brooms, there's the pile, better start sweeping!


Here's an exclusive glimpse at Matt's new kicks! Original, unshopped photo


OpenSTV reports: Loading ballots from file stackoverflow-com-2012-election-results.blt. Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 4426 ballots. No candidates have withdrawn. Ballot file contains 4426 non-empty ballots. Counting votes for Stack Overflow Moderator Election 2012 using Meek STV. 10 candidates running for 3 seats. R|minitech |Brad Larson ...


Here is the OpenSTV report. If you prefer to create the report on your own or check that nothing fishy went on (let's start some nice conspiracy theories in the comments!), get the data and re-run the election locally. Loading ballots from file stackoverflow-com-2013-election-results.blt. Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 6574 ballots. No candidates ...


Automate and offload to the community. High rep users can already vote to close, migrate or delete bad or off-topic questions. They can not do much for equally bad answers. Perhaps we could trust the system to delete answers identically flagged by a group of high rep and/or high flag weight users? Similar to the close reasons for questions, we could have ...


Yes, we get presented with audits, and yes I've heard we can get banned. I recall someone experimenting with this once and it worked. However, given that we can access the ban list and could remove ourselves from it, this doesn't have a lot of teeth.


I, along with much of Meta, was surprised to find that you are leaving. Thank you. You have been a fine mod - way better than I could be. You worked out many of the problems that Stack Overflow had in the early days. Thank you for everything, Meta


I ran it on OpaVote as well, which visualizes the election. You may need to read this to understand how the voting works. Basically: The initial yellow bars show first preference votes if nobody is above the threshold, all votes on that user are transferred to other users (depending on the second or third preference) and the user is eliminated. The votes ...


Note that I hold him in very high esteem, but this particular case seems questionable; I cannot see anything about the answer that should have triggered a moderator to step in and nuke it. It was deleted because the user has a lot of posts that are just posts that link to their own website. This is one of those. 53 out of their 56 answers, to be ...


That's my fault. Anyone can suggest an edit, and I thought that extended to rolling back edits too. I should have accepted your flag when I rolled the question back to its original state. You should definitely flag these if you don't have enough reputation to do the rollback yourself yet. Sorry about the confusion.


Because they keep on asking it: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/294891/3001761 http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/294909/3001761 http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/294983/3001761 http://meta.stackoverflow.com/q/296139/3001761 Apparently on multiple sites/accounts (the irony of creating multiple accounts to get around a suspension for insisting that a user with ...


I don't see what high-rep has to do with this, except possibly a presumption of not being spam (pending investigation on what else the user did to gain reputation). High-scoring and accepted are indications that the link is useful and should be kept in a comment. As a moderator, I would err on the side of converting to a comment unless there are hints to ...


We can't simply keep adding moderators in order to compensate. This doesn't just side step the issue, it creates more work for the existing moderators as well. New moderators require training and help initially, which means more must be asked from the people who are willing to spend time focusing on moderating. If you are able to spend time asking or ...


Kev, thank you. For the kind words, and most of all for all the work you've put in over the years to keep Stack Overflow running smoothly. As we discussed yesterday and I've now announced here, minitech will be stepping up to take your place on the site. From all of us here at SE, please accept our heartfelt appreciation and best wishes for you in the ...


I completely agree that that it will take at least two to replace bluefeet in a moderator capacity. As I'm relatively new to SE, she was the first moderator I consciously voted for.


Andrew hadn't accessed his account in over two months, which is pretty unusual for an SO mod. We reached out to him, but haven't been able to connect with him, so we've removed his diamond until we can determine what's up.


The logical first step would be to 'reach out to' the 'underperforming' moderator to find out if it is a temporary hiccup (personal life), if they have misunderstood their responsibilities, or if they've just run out of steam. Said discussion is best undertook by someone with a modicum of sensitivity... If they have run out of steam, maybe asking the ...


Mods can see and handle all flags, including the ones cast against their own posts and comments. But generally speaking, mods defer to other mods to handle flags against their own posts.


Let me pick apart your question in (almost) reverse order. Therefore I feel the only solution is to abolish the right to close questions altogether. What do you think? What do I think? I think that you haven't put a lot of thought into your question. A question that is closed is still there for everyone to see, you simply can't add new answers to ...


You know what? I don't care if it is highly voted and accepted - it's still a link only answer, therefore it has a certain fragility and is susceptible to butterflies flapping their wings in China. However it does have a little bit of value, just not enough in its current form. It should not be deleted, it needs to be built upon and expanded into a good ...


Yay! And I'd like to say to our new mods... COFFEE BREAK IS OVER, BACK ON YOUR HEADS!


Well, I apparently see this very differently than the meta netizens that have participated here (other than George, with whom I agree wholeheartedly). First, I agree with eis, who states that the viewpoints expressed here may not convey the sentiment of the community at large. Most Stack Overflow participants never come here; they rely on you and I to make ...


is every Mod given the exact same powers/privileges not matter how (in)experienced (s)he may be? Yes. There are no "tiered" moderation levels. Moderators have moderator only chat rooms that allow them to discuss and learn from each other. Most moderation actions are reversible, so even if a new (or existing) moderator makes a mistake, this is not an ...


No. We're not notified of these events. If we were we'd probably be overwhelmed with notifications.


Not an answer flags are for answers that don't attempt to answer the question at all. They are not for answers that attempt to answer the question but fail to do so for some reason. If you feel that the answer is incorrect, or doesn't help you solve your problem, you are free to downvote it and optionally comment on the post explaining why it doesn't solve ...


I would like to say Congratulations to the both of you. You will need this:


I think it's entirely reasonable to expect a minimum amount of flags processed on a weekly or monthly basis - I'm opposed to a daily expectation, as my own personal day-to-day can change drastically permitting time on SO one day, and none the next. I do wonder if there's potential for some misunderstanding regarding the involvement of a moderator as ...


Just a note to the suspension itself (in case you wonder if 30 days might seem a bit excessive) - this isn't the first time this has happened, the original suspension was for 2 days which (to me) seems like a pretty fair 'woah, cool down a bit' period. As this is meta where folks are supposed to come with concerns and complaints, I'd normally undelete the ...

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