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Actually, it was never really OK to use custom flags in lieu of existing flags unless you had a very, very good reason to do so (e.g. old question that will never receive views, before close/reopen queues were a thing), because using custom flags interferes with sorting and filtering flags by type, for one thing. Of course, we have a much more compelling ...


To add to the above, there currently is no difference in formatting for the title of an answer or question in the moderator queue. This makes it really hard to pick out answers being flagged ("not an answer", etc.) from questions being flagged when they are all in the same list. That's forced me to have to filter flags (or use a userscript) to process them ...


Confirmed. Chat room created, but only a few messages moved - and no auto-generated comment left pointing to the room. Works on this question, however: Moderator "Move comments to chat" failing My suspicion is that the process choked when trying to copy the first message from this user - note how that link doesn't exactly work? Marking this as a ...


This will be fixed in the next build. Thanks!

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