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Usually, if a rude comment was deleted, it was done so as a result of a moderator acting on a flag. However, certain particularly abusive words can trigger an immediate deletion of a comment without a moderator seeing it, or a large enough number of community flags can lead to a deletion. If you believe someone has been particularly abusive in a comment and ...


If your library is awesome, other people will link to it. Realizing that may not happen for a while, here are some other criteria: If you absolutely believe your library can solve the OP's problem, then your answer should solve the OP's problem. That means: Providing a link to the exact thing the OP needs Including instructions in your answer on how to ...


Your last answer is nearly good. IMHO it is now perfectly acceptable answer : it says how one could write an obfuscator, and as a reference shows a freeware example on Pypi. That means that the post will contains information even if the link gets broken later, and that it cites reference for an example of code doing that. The main problem is that is does ...


Your answer needs to fulfil two separate requirements You need to write an answer that stands on its own i.e. makes sense even if the link is dead If the link is to something you've written then you must make it clear that you are the author


TL;DR: Link only answers are not accepted on Stack Overflow The long version can be read here. You should also read the How to answer guide to avoid having this happening in the future.


If you believe the question is off-topic, then you should vote to close it or flag it for closure. At that time, it will go to the Close Review Queue for the community to review it. Moderators should be flagged for things the community cannot handle themselves. This is not one of those things so the flag was declined.


You flagged the post for moderator attention. You should have flagged the post for closure instead.

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