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We only display up to two post notices on any given post at a time so we don't flood the page with yellow boxes. The lock notice is super unimportant, especially when the migration rejected notice exists as that already implies it will be locked. So the lock notice gets hidden in favor of the other two notices. The post has now been unlocked.


I don't think you're going to get a definitive, step-by-step checklist on how to handle closed but highly-voted questions, if only because the community has been divided on this since the start of the site. Also, each case can be very different. A large debate was had years ago about whether or not to delete highly-voted but currently off-topic questions. ...


Therefore, is it a good idea on developing some sort of method or procedure (just like we have in tag burninations) to give a rough outline over how to deal with questions that were formerly on-topic, but are now off-topic? I'm not sure how many times we are going to discuss this... what you are worried about is content, right? You know you can simply copy ...

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