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It would be nice if one could select any of the StackExchange sites where a question might be better suited, but there is a realistic limit if we wish to have a concise UI. Coming up with a solution for how we would handle all of the additional migration options is the challenge, and one that could easily be a new question.


Just because questions have been asked on SO which pertain to a new site does not mean that those questions should be immediately vacated to that site. Flagging these, especially en masse, will probably result in a stern message from a moderator asking you to not do that. The new site will have a different topicality than Stack Overflow. As a result, ...


The question was migrated to meta, and then deleted, along with the answers. Then the meta question was closed - this rejects the migration, which unlocks the original and undeletes any answers. So you get what we have here today. Eventually, a cleanup script will come along, note that there's an undeleted answer to a deleted question, and quietly delete ...


"I was entirely unaware that flagging for migration was even an option..." The page for flagging does not mention the option to migrate at all. It states that there are sub-reasons for flagging something as off topic but doesn't say what those reasons are. I guess it's supposed to be self-explanatory once you get that far in the flagging process. Or ...


The number of questions asked in all foreign languages is tiny, probably a single-digit number per day or fewer. It's not worth it to clutter the close dialog with options to migrate to the existing foreign language sites just for the very small number of questions that we might migrate. In addition to that, the vast majority of us are incabable of judging ...


Flag it for closure to migrate it.


Raise a custom flag asking a moderator to migrate it to the target site. Now, migrations are only done for good content, so make sure your question would be high quality at the place you want to send it to. We don't want to move crap around. Also, don't be surprised if it isn't acted on for a while, the moderators are very busy. My last migration flag took ...

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